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Water Sports for the Summer

Top 3 Water Sports for the Summer

Looking to try something new this summer? Want a fun experience to remember? Why not participate in a few of the most popular water sports? Guaranteed to fulfill your adventurous needs and make for an unforgettable memory, try out the watersports mentioned below and you’re sure to have the best summer of your life!


A classic water sport for the summer (or for all year round really) is surfing. As one of the more easily accessible water sports to have fun with, surfing is not only a valuable skill to learn, but also incredibly beginner friendly. Especially in Australia, where beaches are close to many suburban areas, you can find surfing courses and instructions at basically every popular beach along the coast line. Not only that, there are rideable waves at most beaches – perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers.

While certainly group-friendly, keep in mind that surfing is a mostly independent sport. Two important rules to surfing are that only one person is allowed per board and only one surfer is allowed on one wave, meaning you cannot experience surfing with others directly. Instead, you can learn together and watch each other surf. Despite this, surfing is still a great water sport to experience with others, and sharing your surfing tips and tricks is definitely part of the fun as well.


Sailing is another popular water sport, and can make for quite a fun experience for those looking for team sports. Usually performed as a duo, sailing can be performed both recreationally and competitively as part of a race. A few event disciplines of the sailing sport include fleet racing, match racing, team racing, speed sailing and wave riding.

Unlike surfing however, sailing is a much harder sport to learn, due to there being less instructors in the field and its expensive costs (for a sailing boat or yacht and other required recruitment). Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to try sailing if you are keen to try out a new water sport and who knows, maybe sailing is your calling!


While surfing and sailing are mostly performed in the sea or ocean, kayaking is most commonly performed in smaller bodies of water (such as streams, creeks and rivers). Kayaking is a low impact activity, meaning it does not require you to be too fit, while simultaneously also improving your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Similar to sailing, kayaking can be performed both solo or as a duo.

Kayaking is considered one of the most relaxing water sports due to the fact that it does not require too much muscular effort, and the scenery that it is usually performed in. In Australia, kayaking is popular amongst the bush, meaning you can appreciate the natural wonders of Australia while kayaking. Before performing any of the above popular water sports, it is important that you purchase and wear the right protective gear and equipment. For example, acquiring a fitted wetsuit would improve your experience and help with your safety levels when surfing. If you are looking for high-quality accessories for other water sports, such as jet ski accessories, check out Jet Pilot!

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