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Top 5 Best Online File Converters that You Must Use

As technology has improved, work has become easier and faster. Most of the works are done on laptops and smartphones. From exchanging messages, meeting, sending files and more. 

You may receive files from your colleague but it may not be the way you want it to be. Here we will tell you how you can convert any of your files just the way you want them. 

It does not matter what file you have received. You can easily convert formats like PDF to DOC, JPG to BMP,  MP3 to WAV, documents, images and more. 

Let’s know about the top 5 online file converters.

  1. Online –

Let’s introduce you to the most popular online file converter called It allows you to check your supported file types before you go for file conversion. 

To check the conversion of the supported file you need to go to the small box on the top right and then click on Go. When you find the right conversion for your file, you can simply choose from audio, video, document, ebook or archive converter. 

Once you have selected the format for your file you will be landed on a new page. Here you can browse the file and enter the URL. You can simply upload it in cloud storage too  This online converter also offers a hash generator. 

  1. Convertio

One of the quickest ways to convert your files is choosing Convertio. This software allows you to convert multiple numbers files at once. All you need to do is add more files while converting one. 

It also allows the user to save the files that you have converted in the dropbox or google drive. Convertio shows the file size along with the progress of the conversion. Once it is converted, you need to click on the download button.

  1. FreeFileConvert 

With FreeFileConvert you get 8,700 conversion combinations. It allows you to convert five files at once. Make sure that the files are of the same type. Once you have uploaded the file, choose the format option and click on convert. 

When the conversion is done, click on download. It allows you to convert archive, ebook, audio, image, vector, CAD and more.

  1. File – Converter –

File – Converter- allows you to convert the files at no charge. To convert the file, you need to click on the choose file option. Once you have selected the file type, you need to choose the type you want to convert it to. 

Now click on the Start converting option. Once your file has been converted, you can easily download it and save it. This online software allows you to convert files easily. 

It also provides an option where you can convert an ebook file or other unique files.

  1. Zamzar

Zamzar comes with more than 1,100 file conversion options. It allows you to check the file conversion options before you really start. Then you can select the file and choose the output format. 

Zamzar is different from all the other types of file converters. Here you have to enter your email address before you convert a new file. It also comes with a paid account option where you can manage your files in an inbox.

The above mentioned online file converters are safe to use. These are used by many people. All the file converters mentioned above are easy to use and understand. 

They do not hamper your privacy or any of your private data. With multiple conversion options, you can choose to use these online file converters without any doubt.

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