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Top 5 Node.js Tools for Developers in 2021

Software development has evolved in the last few decades inventing new technologies, tools, trends and several intuitive algorithms. Since Node.js has been introduced, it has become easier for developers to create fast and reliable web applications. 

The Invention of Node.js 

It was established by Ryan Dahl in the year of 2009 with the help of the Google Chrome V8 Javascript runtime environment. 

Let’s know about the top 5 node.js tools in 2021 that one can prefer.

The Top 5 Node.js Tools in 2021

  1. Express.js

One of the most powerful node.js application frameworks is Express. It offers an effective set of features in order to create mobile and web applications. Express enables its users to create a robust API in the easiest way.

With the help of express.js, you can create an entire website and design it very comfortably. It offers a number of excellent features like the ability to integrate database, multiple routing, template engines so that powerful applications can be created.

  1. Meteor 

Another framework that is based on Node.js is Meteor. It is one of the most popular open-source platforms for web, mobile and desktop. This platform is used by more than half a million developers all over the world.

It comes with the ability to script cross-platform code along with Android, iOS and web. It offers rapid prototyping as well. Meteor’s integration is done with MongoDB which can be implemented with Javascript UI widget library. 

The developers can shorten 1000 lines of code to just 10 using this tool. This framework allows you to create easy and faster applications than ever before!

  1. PM2

One of the easiest and simplest developer tools is PM2. This tool is extremely powerful as well as very popular and widely used. PM2 comes with a lot of features that are perfect for production.

It offers features like, 

  • Behaviour configuration
  • Source map support
  • Container integration
  • Watch and reload
  • Log management
  • Monitoring
  • Max memory load
  • Cluster mode
  • Hot reload startup scripts and many more. 

This tool has the potential to monitor as well as reload the applications without any kind of downtime whenever at times of sudden crashes.

  1. Babel 

Babel is considered as a toolchain that is used widely to transform ECMAScript 2015 + code into Javascript that has a backwards-compatible version. Besides that, it also provides support to the latest version of javascript. This framework is used as a front end development tool. 

It allows you to use ES6 features in your project and compiles easily with ES5 to use in production. It comes with extraordinary features where it can transform syntax and uses the least codes. 

It can support features like polyfill, maps to debug the code easily and does not come with any built-in plugins. It means you can create your own plugin and use it.

  1. Webpack 

Last but not least we have Webpack on our list. It has the potential to bundle and serve assets quicker and in the easiest way. It makes the development process of the tools much easier. It is used to compile JavaScript modules. 

It is an in-built tool that makes working with static assets. Webpack is also used to bundle the javascript pages to implement them in a browser. 

It further saves a lot of time that usually takes in loading. It provides Node.js API which can be used in Node.js runtime directly.

If you are getting started with node.js or looking for some tools that can be useful then you can choose any of the above without any doubt. 

These are the best tools for developers that come with great features and resources to make your life easier.

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