Top 5 Killing Tools to Create a Brilliant Logo Online

Designing a suitable and eye-catching logo cannot be an easy task. It requires you to have a clear concept of the brand, also designing experience or skills.  To make this task done, you may hesitate to hire a designer or designing studio to do it. But now, you are able to create a stunning logo in minutes effortless. For this, I have collected the best 5 online tools to create logos that will help you manage your task for your brand or company.

A must-do thing to launch a brand is to create its logo that represents active online and offline. So it is necessary to make a logo that perfectly conveys the values with which we want to associate our brand. It seems like a simple but it is not, it requires dedicating enough time to establish an effective and coherent image.

What is a corporate image?

The logo is the face of your company. That is the first impression that the audience learns from your company or brand promoting material. Therefore the logo must be as close to what we want to communicate. Before designing your logo, you may need to ask yourselves some simple questions to have a better understanding of your brand.

Who is your target client?

Sex, age, interests, religion … your logo should be consistent with the target audience, and it would help you better to reach your marketing goal.

What is your industry?

It is not the same logo designing style in the consulting industry as in the beauty sector, for example. Each one has its peculiarities and therefore we will have to design the right style to what the user expects from us.

Some criterion for you to create a good logo:


It is proven that simple logos have a higher recognizable than complicated ones, for this reason, it is better to:

Do use no more than 3 colors

To apply simple and little fonts, which are very readable.

Do use a vector image to apply for all occasions.

Follow the latest trends in design:

Like fashion, the design also has its trends. Try to adapt the color palettes and fonts to make them look current, but try to also the value of classic.

Be original:

Before creating a logo, you should make sure that there is nothing plagiarism.


The logo will be used in different formats and supports, so it is essential to play with it so that it is well with all colors and can be adapted to the paper format, web format, etc.

Let’s check out these 5 robust tools.


DesignEvo is amazing logo making tool to use in designing your excellent logo. It has more than 10,000 well-organized templates ready for editing with the availability of various features such as fonts, icons. In this site, you create a beautiful logo in a short time! It is a super easy logo making tool.


It is an excellent online logo generator that allows you to create a logo within minutes.

All require you do is type your company name, then choose your business type, there will be several logo templates, choose some image by clicking on it, you can make some changes to the logo by clicking edit logo concept and then click to save.


This tool is wonderful for creating logos. You create a professional logo within minutes. You can add what you are asked for step by step or you can also use a saved image on your pc, feel free to test the site and let your creativity with the ease of the site act to create a very cool logo.


Canva is a great site for those with little design knowledge and can create amazing designs! It is for logo creation as well as Banners, Infographics, Covers for your social networks and everything you need!


On this website, you can get beautiful logos for free! This you will achieve on this site.

In the name of the company type the name of your business/site and choose the category that fits you best, click start and then the one you like best, click Add and then just customize to your liking, and save by clicking finish. Choosing the free download option, you download the logo in PNG format with 200 pixels by 200 pixels.

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