Top 5 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing a Cell Phone

The ever-expanding array of cell phone options in the market is making our lives easier and difficult simultaneously. We have a plethora of cell phones to choose from, and each of them is heedfully engineered and designed. When every other device seems to offer a unique kind of technological power, it becomes quite difficult to settle for one. Particularly, when one’s already tight on budget and time.

To help you navigate your way in this rich pool of mobile phones, that teems with cutting-edge, immersive technology, here a concise compilation of the top 5 tips to consider before you make your purchase.

Compare & Contrast Features

First off, know what you need. Frantically searching for a phone with maximum features, in the amount you have, can result in a poor decision. Often, the features that a better-looking cell-phone may be offeringmight not be according to your requirements. Hence, start your cell phone shopping by drafting a list of required features.

Once you have figured out your required set of specifications, including storage, camera, screen size, battery life, and other features, consider all possible options that fall in your budget. Also, the basic purpose of a cell phone is to enable communication. Thus, it’s best to opt for one that offers maximal connectivity, with its smart features as well as carrier options.

Now, compare which ones offer the performance you require. At times, when our favorite brands demand sky-high prices for our needs, it’s typically okay to try other brands (as long as the company has a good reputation). However, if you can avail of a superior set of features by increasing your budget by 5-10%, we suggest; run for it!

Purchase Online

Another great way of making the mind-boggling decision easier is to make the purchase online. Nowadays, several e-commerce stores are operating in Pakistan, and a few like Daraz, Telemart, and Vmart, have emerged as reliable names. These online shopping portals narrow down your options in a matter of clicks. There’s no need to exhaust yourself, driving from store to store, looking for the right phone.

For example, allows you to choose your desired specifications in a phone and then filter out relevant results in seconds. You can pick a Daraz Mobile of your choice, and pay online. What’s more, you can even save money by availing of their tremendous discounts and deals.

Look Beyond the Megapixels

With the world talking about a 108-megapixels Samsung smartphone, the idea of analyzing a camera’s quality by the number of megapixels has become very common. Usually, when cell phone brands advertise their product, they focus on the number of megapixels. The practice has further strengthened the non-tech community’s belief on the megapixels being the key to high camera quality. But, it is a mere misconception!

In a camera, one must search for a balance in three components that is sensor, megapixels, and processor. The megapixels only determine the detail captured by a camera, which is better known as resolution. With more megapixels packed in a camera, you may get a detailed photo but, it will be pretty much useless without the other components. You must consider a camera’s sensor, which determines the size of the pixels. A bigger sensor will allow the installation of bigger pixels, which means a better picture. Next, search for a lower aperture as it lets more light into the camera.

Choose the Operating System wisely

Today, a majority focuses on a cell phone’s exterior features like body, design, size, and weight. In an attempt to purchase a smarter phone, people often forget a highly important feature that is the operating system. When purchasing a cell phone, there are only two operating systems to choose from, that is iOS and Android.

While iOS offers easy usage, Android provides choices. IOS is available for Apple products only, whereas Android is available for numerous companies. You can select from an array of cell phones comprising of Android. However, when Android releases its latest version, it takes a bit of time before all the other brands update their products.

On the other hand, as only Apple products run on iOS, it gets updated pretty fast. Also, iOS offers convenience in usage with access to the latest applications and updates.

Look for longer Battery Life

With the cell phone being an integral part, perhaps, every individual today requires a cell phone that lasts at least 10-hours. So, when purchasing a cell phone, choose one with longer battery life. Remember that the screen size, processor, and similar features will affect the battery life. A larger screen-size will drain more energy. However, many of the cell phones provide a minimal of 3000mAH. Other than battery life, consider specifications like fast-charging that can help you in instantly boost your phone.

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