Top Things You Need to Know about Slit Lamp Microscope with an AI System

The importance of eye health is often overlooked until problems arrive. Regular checkups are vital for maintaining optimal eye health and preventing potential problems or acting to solve them promptly. A slit lamp microscope is one of several tools used during an eye examination. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), these tools have become more efficient. Scroll down to learn more about AI slit lamps. 

What is a slit lamp microscope with an AI system?

A slit lamp microscope is a piece of ophthalmic equipment that aims to examine the anterior segment and posterior segment of the human eye. All of those examinations include the eyelid, conjunctiva, iris, natural crystalline lens, and cornea. This unique microscope allows the doctor to see the eyes in 3D, inside and out. A slit lamp eye exam is performed during the regular checkup appointment at the eye doctor’s office.

The slit lamp microscope with an AI system is the same tool but reinforced with AI. More precisely, this piece of equipment comes with auto AI analysis. The presence of artificial intelligence allows the device to detect potential irregularities more effectively. Additionally, a slit lamp microscope with an AI system is about ease of use and greater accuracy. 

Why is a slit lamp microscope with an AI system better?

While it’s easy to think there’s not much difference between AI and non-AI slit lamp microscopes, the reality says otherwise. 

You see, non-AI slit lamps are more limited in terms of the functions and features they provide. Though practical, efficient, and irreplaceable in eye exams, “regular” slit lamps only have a few specific features. They usually include LED illumination and a built-in yellow filter, as well as easy installation. To get more features, an eye doctor, clinic, hospital need to buy other additions separately. 

On the other hand, the slit lamp microscope with an AI system offers a lot more to its users. These devices offer higher sensitivity, wide dynamic range, auto AI analysis with high accuracy, HD resolution, software to improve patient management, just to name a few. 

The presence of multiple features allows doctors to have more options they can use during the exam. These options of the slit lamp microscope with an AI system help detect irregularities, provide proper patient care, take care of potential problems before they become more serious, and so much more.

slit lamp microscope with an AI system

How does a slit lamp microscope with an AI system work?

Artificial intelligence is on the road to revolutionize healthcare. It makes exams and analyses faster, more effective, and more accurate. As seen above, the slit lamp microscope with an AI system offers more features than the non-AI counterpart, and one of those features is a more in-depth analysis. It is acknowledged that routine slit lamp microscopes with AI systems provide you with some elementary functions like auto OS/OD indicator, auto gain, auto exposure, etc. While the product from MediWorks not only has fundamental roles but also grants you several extraordinary ones compared with others. This piece of ophthalmic equipment with an AI system from MediWorks works through several points, including:

  • AI meibomian glands examination – Meibomian glands are tiny oil glands located along the edge of the eyelids where your eyelashes are. The microscope’s built-in infrared light source makes it easy for a doctor to determine the absence of these glands.
  • AI non-invasive tear break-up time examination – Non-invasive tear break-up time (NIBUT) is the time interval from keeping the eyes open to the first dry spot appearing on the surface of the tear film. The microscope’s high-performance digital module brings enormous convenience to doctors. With the help of the microscope, they can get the tear film break-up time and judge its stability by high-resolution video recording.
  • AI non-invasive tear meniscus height –  microscopes with Mediview software offer various automatic examination and evaluation functions. All these functions make it easy for doctors to examine patients’ eyes and analyze data.  For example, doctors can obtain tear meniscus height by using a measuring function in the Mediview software and then evaluate tear meniscus height effectively.
  • AI  red eyes analysis and keratopathy exposure  –  thanks to this feature, several images are simultaneously presented with more evenly distributed and realistic colors. With the built-in yellow filter designs, doctors can accurately analyze eye surface damage and inflammation images.
How does a slit lamp microscope with an AI system work

Best slit-lamp microscopes

In the world of slit lamp microscopes and ophthalmic equipment, some devices stand out. It is worth mentioning MediWorks and their slit lamp microscopes. These microscopes come with Mediview technology that helps doctors manage images captured and patient records. 

Powerful software tools of Mediview slit lamp microscope can measure the area of pathology with software tools and modify the brightness and contrast of the images. Thanks to optical resolution up to 200 lp/mm, pathologies are presented in greater detail.

Compared to other devices of this kind, MediWorks’ microscope comes with more features and functions, improving the exam process and patient care. Doctors find it easier to store patient data and analyze their eyes.


Slit Lamp microscopes with AI systems bring enormous convenience to doctors and patients. With its help, doctors can better reveal abnormal problems and provide appropriate patient care before things worsen. After knowing the essentials of the slit lamp microscope with an AI system, it is vital to find a capable ophthalmic equipment supplier.

MediWorks stands as the brand with the most powerful devices of this kind. The company is focused on providing the most advanced health equipment, including AI-based slit-lamp microscopes. Their high precision and ease of use simplify eye exams, especially in cases when pathologies are present. Take some time to hear how they will help you. 

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