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Trending Lomani Perfumes For Men You Need To Try

In every fashion season or change of season, perfumers and brands all around the world launch a new scent range. It contains the essence of the season making it perfect for, weather or fashion trend. When you are confused about the perfect scent, going with the trending one is the right way to do it. If you are currently looking out for a fabulous fragrance to match your personality, the latest Lomani fragrance range for men can give you some options. Lomani is one of the most popular fragrance brands known around the world. The brand has been serving fragrance needs of masses with its budget-friendly range of scents for more than 30 years now.

Just like other popular scent brands, Lomani also tries to offer trending fragrance options to its users. The new range of fragrances for men is inspired by the fall-winter season, having warm accords, spicy notes and a zesty tangy touch of fresh floral accords. Some of the most popular perfumes available in this range are,

Lomani Cigar Blue Label Eau De Toilette: With its intense aroma, Lomani Cigar Blue Label perfume for men is suitable for men with unique style and taste. This warm intense fragrance opens up with the tangy aroma of grapefruit, bergamot and orange blossoms. Heart of the perfume is a blend of fruity, spicy and floral accords with geranium, lavender, nutmeg, and plum. The base of the perfume adds an oriental warmth to the aroma of scent with teck wood, oud, amber, musk, and tonka bean. Cigar Blue label perfume is suitable for evening and night use during the winter season.

Lomani Why Not Eau De Toilette: A unique blend of intense aroma and freshness, this perfume is ideal for your everyday use. You can wear this perfume during the day as well as night smelling fabulous all day long. This perfume opens with the zesty touch of ginger, bergamot, and grapefruit and having juicy pineapple, apple, with violet leaf and geranium in the heart. The base adds woody aroma with refreshing marine notes having cedarwood, musk, frankincense, and amber. Just two sprays of this aromatic perfume for men is enough for making you smell great.

Lomani L’aventurier Eau De Toilette For Men: Just like your taste in adventure trips, this perfume is also loaded with a blend of everything good having woody, citrusy and fresh accords. This perfume is designed by keeping your adventurous personality in mind. L’aventurier eau de toilette perfume opens up with a blend of citrusy and fruity accords having juicy blackcurrant, apples, pineapples, bergamots and citrus oils from Italy. The heart is spicy floral having elemi, china coriander, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine. Adding an oriental kick to the perfume, the base is loaded with woody accords of amber, moss, dry woods, the warmth of vanilla and leather and white musk.

Lomani Xxx Eau De Toilette For Men: For those romantic moments in the winter and fall season, XXX is the perfect fragrance. It has the warmth of spices and the sensual touch of aromatic flowers. The perfume is intense yet gentle on senses with its careful blend of notes. It opens up with tangy ginger, herby cardamom, and sweet juicy melon. The heart of the perfume has sweet caramel touch with elemi and geranium while the base is woody with vanilla, amber, and cedarwood. This perfume has a unique sweet warmth to it making your beloved feel comfortable around you. Make sure to apply just 2 sprays of the scent for your date.

Lomani White Intense Eau De Toilette For Men: An intensely refreshing perfume for your everyday use, White Intense is perfect for winter and fall season. This stylish looking white bottle has an aromatic blast of citruses in the opening note. Juicy Calabrian lemon, Florida orange and Italian bergamot are complimented with herby accords of cardamom oil. The heart of the perfume is very aromatic with cedar leaves and ylang ylang while the base is rich having vetiver, white musk, and dry wood accords. You can wear this perfume on an everyday basis day and night adding a layer of freshness to your style.

How To Wear Perfumes In Winter And Fall Season?

Once you have selected the ideal perfume for winter and fall season, it is essential for you to apply it properly for making the fragrance last longer. Unlike other seasons, during winter and fall, it can be a bit difficult for one to maintain the longevity of the fragrance. Your perfume needs heat to spread the aroma. Due to the lowered temperature in winter and wearing too many clothes restricts its flow.

Spray 3-4 Spritzes: For all-day freshness, try to spray 3-4 spritzes on your body for enhancing perfume. Anything less than that can evaporate in no time.

Go For Strong Aroma: Always use high-quality winter-friendly perfumes that will help you making your scent prominent. Light perfumes will not be able to make you smell good for long hours.

Apply On Visible Pulse Points: Instead of spraying perfume on your pulse points that are covered with clothes, try to spray it on visible pulse points. This will help in enhancing your fragrance giving them much needed heat to travel.

Spray-On Clothes And Hair: If you want to make your fragrance extra last longing, you can spray perfume on clothes and hair. Warm fabrics like cotton and wool tend to absorb the fragrance molecules much better than your skin hence it will help in elongating the lasting. When you want to smell good for all day long, this will help you in doing this. Even your hair can absorb the scent better than skin keeping it locked for hours.

Finding the ideal perfume along with all these tips to use the winter fall perfumes, will not only enhance your freshness but will add a surprising twist to your personality. Explore the entire range of Lomani fragrances available for men online in India on popular perfume stores and find that one suitable for your senses.

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