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Trump Announces US VISA Cancellation | It’s Time to Return Home for Foreign Citizens Working in the USA

Donald Trump once again exploded with drastic changes that are going to take place in the United States of America. The US president yesterday announced VISA cancellation for all the non-US residents residing in the states for work purposes (Reference: India Times). Along with H1B VISA, he canceled four more VISAs that allow foreigners to reside in America, use their facilities and work for the companies located in the nation. Trump has announced an immediate cancellation of all such facilities for all the outsiders and to send them back to their countries at the earliest. If this comes to action, the Whitehouse states that around 5 million 25 thousand citizens of the USA will get jobs in various private sectors (Reference: BBC World News Channel).

Due to COVID-19 crisis, a huge portion of American citizens have lost their jobs, and the scarcity has been spreading like a wildfire, people are asking for financial help from the government. The situation has become worse day by day, and to stop this, to arrange jobs for the citizens, the Whitehouse has taken such a drastic decision which will lead to a massive lay-off in the IT sector.

Due to this massive layoff, millions of outsiders residing in the US will be surely losing their jobs as their H1B, H2B, H4, J, and L VISAs are going to be taken away by the US government. The new VISA system is going to take effect immediately and the same situation will continue for at least one year from now. Also, there will be no VISA renewals for any foreigners and no new VISA approval will take place at least for the coming one year, as stated by the Whitehouse.

The elections are around the corner, it’s just about four months left. So according to the opposition party, the Congress, it is like Mr. President is trying to make his ground and be good in front of the US citizens in order to get votes in the elections. But instead of helping the US economy, this drastic move will harm the US economy and stop the growth of the US companies, says many of the democratic party leaders. Raja Krishnamurthy, a member of Congress criticized Donald Trump for taking such a wrong decision. A Democrat senator Dik Durbin, and Bill Pascrell from the US Congress say that this decision is such an unbelievable, unreal step that Donald Trump has taken which will have a very bad impact on the US economy. Going against Trump, Donna Shalala, a congress member, and the democrat leader says that Donald Trump has taken this decision just to get votes in the election. He has no good intentions or any logic behind this.

Now whatever the intention might be, it is very clear that due to such drastic decisions by the US president, people from different parts of the world residing in the US will lose their job and have to return back to their own countries. Many people have already been observing Trump’s hatred for the foreigners who reside in the US behind this VISA cancellation theory. But most of the US citizens are happy with such a movement. The time will tell who smiles the fortune!

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