Car Coating

Types of Car Coatings

Different types of coatings are done on the cars to keep them safe. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In past, the only method to protect the cars was waxing. Now many other coating materials have been introduced. Ceramic Pro in Sydney offers ceramic coatings for new and used cars. You can get such services easily. Here are some of the cars coating materials explained.

Ceramic coatings

It is the latest and modern technology being used for car coatings. These coatings are made up of silica dioxide, which is also called ceramic quartz. This is where its name comes from. It is not applied as a narrow coating on the surface of your car, as the waxes and paint sealants are applied. It is a very solid and strong coating that protects against damaging elements of the environment. They last longer than the latter two options. They are maintenance-friendly and they don’t require repeated applications. They offer resistance to chemicals, and their melting point is also very high. You can get a DIY-kit and apply the ceramic coating at home. You can also get it applied by a professional at a service station. Ceramic coating is the best way to protect your car from exterior damages. 


Though it’s the most widely used coating material, it is very old. Wax is naturally produced by the palm trees to protect their leaves. It is extracted from those palm tree leaves. There are several forms of wax, but the origin is the same. Wax is extracted from the leaves of palm trees, it is melted and blended, and then it is applied as a coating on the surfaces of the cars. Different waxes are available at different prices. Some are very cheap while some are expensive. The price of the wax depends on the quality and concentration of the wax. Waxes contain carnauba, which offers protection against ultra-violet radiation. It offers protection but its protection isn’t very strong. The melting point of carnauba wax is very low. A very little harshness may damage it. Waxes are not a bad option, but they are an older option. Many other options are thought to be more protective than waxes.

Paint sealants

Waxes are made naturally, but these paint sealants are manufactured by humans. Paint sealants are manufactured primarily for protection. Different base compounds are used in their manufacturing such as polymers. They are synthesized in a laboratory that is why they offer higher protection as compared to waxes. They have high melting points as compared to waxes. They offer high resistance to the chemicals. They offer greater protection against UV rays. They require fewer applications as compared to waxes. In past, it was difficult to apply paint sealants. Now the methodologies have improved, paint sealants are also available in a spray. They are easy to apply, feature amazing gloss, and are very budget-friendly. You can either get them applied at a service station by a professional, or you can also apply them by yourself.

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