What is reforestation and how is it significant in the battle against Climate Change? 3 good reasons to adding rather than subtracting

In considering the importance of ‘Reforestation’ it’s worth noting the historical perspective of these forested areas of the world and the level of intervention that has caused them to change so drastically along with the global implications it has to health of the planet.

Rainforests, like the sea, dominate large areas of land across the globe. In fact, it is a vital aspect of life on earth as growth signifies the presence of water.

An area known as Tropical Rainforest can be seen from space and if left unhindered, can occupy the space of 6.7 million Km2.This is certainly the case for the Amazon Biome which is the equivalent of twice the size of India and is considered one of the lungs of the world.

Carbon, a natural product found in the earth, is a by-product in the industrial processes used to extract energy, typically from burning, since the content left from previous centuries wildlife stores immense amounts of energy which is conducive for the production of fuel and combustion to maintain industries globally.

In itself, this is not too drastic, as a natural element, the world has evolved a sophisticated exchange in maintaining its climate through the use of Carbon Sinks. Humans and other life breathe out Carbon and Trees and Oceans absorb this gas and covert it to oxygen. The very thing we breathe.

Without these Carbon sinks, the build-up of Carbon would be so immense, all meaningful life on earth would cease in a matter of hours. Additionally, with growing levels of carbon in the atmosphere, the sinks can begin to transmit unprocessed carbon back. This is referred to as Carbon Feed Back Effect.

Considering the relative new interventions to these essential air filters of the planet, industrial farming, login and urban sprawl has seen the erosion of Rainforest by 200 football pitches per annum

Reforestation simply means to plant back trees into these environment and control the levels of disruption so that trees can continue their dual function with other life on earth in a balance of co dependence ?

Here are 3 basic reasons it’s good idea.

1st reason
Employing local communities to help reforest these areas will provide continued workforce in planting as well as much needed financing gain to areas otherwise dogged by poverty and harmful, unsustainable industries.
Through continued paid work, local areas can see the benefit of preservation and renewal and provides a platform for educational needs across its communities.

2nd reason
In its most simplest way, it is an essential aspect for life on earth. Without the means to filter our breath, there would be no means to survive the atmosphere.

3rd reason
By simply adding correct species of trees, it not along provides filtration to air but encourages biodiverse wildlife to these areas that continues to provide medical advancements in medicines.

Biodiversity has been the very pattern of evolution and without which , humankind can find itself pushed into a corner since the delicate balance of food chain exchanges and life depend on not disrupting the ecological system we live in.

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