Lip Augmentation

Why Lip Augmentation Chicago Is Becoming More Popular

When it comes to lip augmentation Chicago seems to be a place where this procedure is becoming more and more popular. As each generation or decade passes we see different trends around cosmetic surgery and the causes are usually quite similar. Lip augmentation is the increasing in size or shape of the lips in order to see a plumper and more full result, and that is what so many young girls and women are doing at the moment. Historically this would have been done with make-up options but now many are instead looking to have injections or implants inserted into the lip, and here is why.

Tumbling Costs

Very often it is the lower costs of this type of treatment which increases the number of people who have it done and that has certainly been the case with regards to this treatment. Costs on average have come down by 50% and that is a key reason for the increase in people who are looking to have this work done. Lip fillers for example can be added for less than $300.


It is impossible to ignore the impact which celebrity culture has on cosmetic surgery options and the cycle generally starts with these men and women, they inspire the culture and then many of their fans and admirers want to have the same treatment done. We have seen this with the likes of Cards B and Kim Kardashian who inspired a generation of people to get buttock impacts and the same has happened with regards to lip augmentation.


Cosmetic clinics understand trends and they will often shift their focus to entice customers to come in and take advantage of a particular offer which they may have. This is smart business of course and what it does is not only enable people to have this treatment without having to pay full price, it is also keeping the treatment a part of the conversation, and that in turn is inspiring more to go for lip augmentation.


Much like many other procedures there was once a stigma around lip augmentation and there were enough horror stories to make sure that people were filled with fear when those two words were mentioned together. With this being said we have seen a marked change in terms of the knowledge which we now have about these treatments and more importantly about the safety of the various fillers and methods which are taken in order to give fuller lips.

Ultimately these types of procedures become fashionable in the same way that a certain look does with clothing. This happens more with something like lip augmentation and that is because it is low cost and widely accessible, not to mention the fact that it is a quick procedure with fast recovery times. For now it is the lips but in the coming years we are likely to once again see a change in trends and a change in focus for cosmetic clinics.

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