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What to Do and Not to Do After a Car Accident?

What you do or do not do after a car accident affects the car accident claim processing. Knowing these facts will help your lawyer file for an accident claim successfully. A car accident lawyer Bergen County NJ states that most car accident claims take more time to process because car accident victims do not know the procedures to follow after an accident. They also do or fail to do some things, and that complicates the insurance claim. Below we discuss what one should do or not do after an accident. One should follow the guidelines below to make the compensation process easier.

What you should do after an accident

·        Inform the police

One should inform the police immediately after an accident. But it depends on the impact of the car accident. Some states have regulations that one ought to call the police if the damage is more than 500 dollars. The law enforcers will help record the case, especially on aspects of traffic violations by the other driver and the road condition that may have led to the accident.

·        Get pertinent information for the other driver.

Information such as car make, model, and license number plate are all essential details one should get. One should also record insurance details, personal information, contact details, and business name for the vehicle involved in the accident.

·        Gather information from witnesses

Contact details for accident witnesses are crucial, and the right time to gather such information is after the accident. In case the police arrive there first, or the car accident victim can’t document such information, the police force should do so. One may contact a friend or a relative if not at opposition to record witness information.

·        Take accident pictures

Taking photos at the accident scene ensures more evidence for the accident details. Accident lawyers need all details regarding the accident for fair compensation for the victim. Leaving out some details may impact the compensation amount. One should capture the injuries sustained, car damage, and traffic signs near the accident spot. The idea is to get an overview of the accident to make it easier for the accident lawyer and insurance company to get facts regarding the accident to ensure fair compensation.

·        Seek medical attention

The manifestation of internal or soft tissue injuries may take time to manifest. A medical checkup after an accident is vital so that one gets the doctor’s record to enable them to fire the insurance claim. The idea is to ensure evidence that the injury corresponds with the accident is available and that the liable party compensates the victim.

Things you should not do after a car accident

·        Avoid moving the car.

Sometimes the law enforcement may ask one to move the car, and one should oblige but otherwise, let the car stay at the point of the accident. That way, it becomes easy to document the impact of the accident. 

·        Don’t stay in the danger zone.

You can still access the damage and take pictures from a safe distance. Do not stay near the car if it is burning. It is also good to stay away from the scene if it is at a road section prone to accidents. The bottom line is that you should not be near a car or the crime scene after an accident if it poses more danger.

·        Do not admit you were wrong.

Do not respond to any questions regarding a car accident at the spot. Instead, consult a lawyer. One should not make a statement admitting the fault in public or to the other driver. Such information may be the basis of evidence to incriminate you. They may also coerce you to record a stamen with them. Do not record any statement without the advice of your counsel.

·        Don’t agree to a settlement.

If you agree to any form of settlement without your lawyer’s advice, you may not get fair compensation. Any financial claims after an accident, whether claims or if you are paying for damages, a lawyer should review the offers and advise you accordingly. Accidents happen, but what you do or do not do after the accident determines if you will get a fair settlement. It also helps to avoid exploitation if the verdict is that you should pay the other motorist.

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