Supernatural Season 15

When Will Supernatural Season 15 Release?

The American dark fantasy television series Supernatural season 15 has completed filming of the last two episodes and will be released on October 8, on the CW

American dark fantasy television series Supernatural has seen various evils and disasters and the protagonist fought against them successfully. The lead roles Sam and Dean Winchester have successfully won every fight against vampires and demons. But the question remains, ‘Will Supernatural win against Covid-19?’. The question started floating after the Vancouver-based production locked down due to the ongoing health threat in March this year. With the pandemic not ending and the persistent threat of spread shrinking the world daily activities, the future of the fifteenth and final run of Supernatural is at stake. After filming a massive number of episodes, the producers are not going to end the show without an ending that it deserves. Catch the full story

Good News: Supernatural has completed production

There was no need to worry about the final run of the show but the uncertainty created rumors and half-truths. Luckily, a week ago Supernatural wrap up production and soon episodes will be released for fans. The story of the Winchester brothers is moving towards the climax. British Columbia managed to control the spread of the pandemic well leading to the end of shutdowns earlier than other parts of the world. This opened the opportunity for the producers to resume production in July.

When will Supernatural premier?

The show was the first of WB to resume production after the shutdowns. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will appear on The CW on Oct. 8. Talking to a popular magazine, the co-showrunner and executive producer/director – Robert Singer – revealed that most of the Supernatural season 15 was completed in March. But the last two episodes were not filmed. For these two episodes, filming resumed in July and went smoothly. The filming started on August 18 and concluded in July. The singer is a part of the show from the first season. This filming took more days than regular shoots. He said that normally an episode takes eight days but the last two episodes took 18 days to complete the shooting with the longest day consists of 12 hours.

Filming resumed under Covid-19 protocols

British Columbia’s response against the pandemic was well-managed. Owing to its good handling, production resumed in July. But the filming resumed under the COVID-19 protocols agreed to unions in the U.S. and Canada. The protocol included mask-wearing at all times, social distancing among the crew, and enhanced sanitary procedures for people and the sets. Not only this but the entire crew involved in filming – 360 people, according to WB – were tested thrice a week. To maintain social distancing, those who could work from home, worked from home. This way Supernatural season 15 completed the final two episodes.

Latest updates on Supernatural final season

The fifteenth and the final season of the American dark fantasy Supernatural was planned for release this year. The show is created by Eric Kripke. It landed on The CW on October 10, 2019. Coronavirus had caused a delay in the release of the show. As per the latest updates, the show has completed filming and is ready for release. The final season of vampires and demon-fighting will land on October 8, 2020, with the series finale set to air on November 19, 2020. The series is starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Alexander Calvert, and Misha Collins. The 13 episodes season will conclude the legacy of Jared Padalecki.

Wrap Up

Sam and Dean Winchester will fight vampires and demons on The Supernatural season 15 set to air on October 8, 2020, on the CW. The fifteenth and the final season of the series will consist of 13 episodes. The filming of the last 2 episodes was completed two weeks ago. Covid-19 has caused a delay in the actual release of the show. Stay tuned for latest updates

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