Where is geofencing applied?

Nowadays, many of us have certainly heard about geofencing, but either there’s not enough information to get the general idea of this notion, or there are some misconceptions. Moreover, many business owners nowadays still don’t know how effective this technology is and how easily they can apply it to their own business. As for geofencing itself, by this term, we don’t mean any complicated IT tools or the specific language of programming. This technology provides the companies and organizations with the possibility to involve other users in different activities and provide shared information within a specific geographic area. Geofence is a zone decided from other geographic spaces by prearranged virtual borders. Geofencing is a special technique that allows serving GPS-based and Wi-Fi friendly devices within the specified geo-boundaries with relevant marketing information or official messages in different situations. We simply use the fact that people always carry their smartphones with them to reach them on various purposes.

  • The main principles of using geofencing

In mobile app development, geofencing is used very often. Developers define the evidence borders based on the information provided by the client and in this way target all GPS-friendly devices that enter the chosen area. The area is a virtual circle around the exact location the company occupies. All the authorized devices are defected as soon as they enter the zone. Further, application development companies, like owlab.group, can easily program personalized alerts and messages that will be triggered for every new visitor. Cafés, retail shops, hotels, concert halls capture the attention of the by-passers offering their services and goods. Besides, the messages sent can also involve POD information and a slight focus on the advantages of the company over its competitors. Geofencing provides business owners and marketing teams with an endless combination of ways to reach the audience and initiate a fruitful business communication. Animation development based on geofencing is also cost-efficient and fast, as there are a lot of geolocation programs and databases, like Google Maps, that help you define the needed location within a couple of minutes. The only thing that is crucial to be done in advance is proper audience analysis. Geographical targeting with the help of reopening is very precise and accurate. So the more accurate you are in analyzing your potential customers and choosing the most effective segments, the better results you’ll get at the end of the marketing campaign.

Is geofencing right for your business?

This question is pretty easy to answer. To decide on applying geofencing in your business you need to be aware of the most common advantages it can bring.

  • Easy audience reach:

You should apply geofencing when you plan to reach your audience. With its help, you can notify the customers of the news in your business, for example, the opening of a new shop in their area, a new collection of goods, or different promotions. You simply remind the audience in the nearby area about your products or services, sending them personalized smart notifications on their phones as soon as they enter the given area. People are addicted to their phones, so the probability that they will read your message at the right time is extremely high.

  • Digital shouting out for the customers

With geofencing, you don’t need to hire promoters to shout out about your shop in the given area. Each time the potential customers go by your location, they are reminded to take a look at what you offer. The creativity f the messages you are going to send also matters. Let them be specific, audience-oriented, and unique. For example today 25 people have bought our laptops. Would you mind to follow their example? The majority of messages people receive are read within the first 3 minutes. So, don’t miss such a rest chance to remind yourself.

  • Growing brand awareness

With the help of geofencing local businesses can communicate with their audience who are close to their own location or are in other potentially beneficial locations, the companies choose within their mobile marketing strategies. If your company’s sale is based on in-application purchases, you can easily convey your promotion messages and get online purchases via geofencing. Proper audience choice in combination with the accuracy and speed of this technique helps the customers choose your brand or switch to it very easily, even if your main competitors share the location with you.

  • Reduced cost of marketing campaigns

As it has been already mentioned, geofencing is quite cheap in usage, so applying it for the new advertising campaign will help you reduce its final cost and guarantee good results at the same time. You focus on the audience within your nearby area, who are likely to transform into active buyers. You can target not only your location but also the locations of your competitors without a need to pay much for billboards. The offer will be sent to the potential clients at the right place and the right time, as they pass by your shop or restaurant or those of your competitors. Companies have unlimited reach to customers, while the customers always have up-to-date information on the products and services they need.

  • Asset and human resource management

As far as geofencing is widely applied in the field of security, many companies can use this technology for asset management and warehouse structuring. Companies that sell online and posses big warehouses face a lot of obstacles in means of controlling their products. Using geofencing business owners can easily detect when a product is going to be taken out illegally and prevent it. It’s necessary to mention that the same principles are used in human resource management, as they help managers control when employers come to work and leave. Some businesses are bases on vehicle and equipment relocation from the yard to production and exploration. In order to control the timely return of equipment and its general security, companies target the area around the yard and the site with the help of geofencing.

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