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Why Is There A Surge In The Cancer Rate?

It is a largely known fact that the number of cancer patients has hiked overtime. Studies have predicted a definitive rise in the years to come. However, advancements have been made by the best cancer hospital in Bangalore. If not to curb, steps ensuring its treatment are in full swing. Despite our best efforts and, a lot of people are getting diagnosed with cancer.

Recent reports by Indian Council of Medical Research and National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research manifest a 12% rise in the number of cancer patients. By dealing in various spectrums the best cancer hospital in Bangalore is asserting its significance.

The National Cancer Registry Programme reports an estimate of 679,421 in 2020 among men. And 712,758 among women. These are only predicted to go upward and onward by 2025. Forecast is at 763575 for men followed by a shocking 712, 758 for women.

 The most prominently found cancers among men include lung, head and neck region (mouth, tongue and larynx), prostate and oesophagus. Cancers in children are not very common. Women are most commonly affected by breast, cervix, ovary, oral cavity, and uterine cancer.


A multitude of reasons can be traced back to causing cancer. These include:

1) Age – As people become older, their immune system starts getting compromised. This makes them a perfect host for cancer cells.

2) Sedentary lifestyle – Where people mostly choose to stay dormant, restricting an outlet for toxins.

3) Tobacco – Makes up for about 27% of the cancer population in India and is still easily available.  

4) Diabetes – Doubles the risk of pancreatic, endometrial, and liver cancers.

5) Improper diet – The intake of canned and processed foods and bizarre eating patterns.

6) Pollution – The increased toxicity in the environment also adds as a factor.

Breast cancer is prominently hiking the numbers in India.  Contraception in addition to the aforementioned factors also boots the cancer spread. Women have a higher life expectancy than men, making them more susceptible.

By adapting a more western take on life, people are susceptible to more diseases. This allows the cancer to be more lethal.


1) Breast cancer -The most commonly found cancer in women is breast cancer. Noticeably between age groups 30-50. It can also affect men although it is not all-too-common.

2) Cervical cancer -Also, commonly found among women.It is a result of the Human Papilloma Virus, which is sexually transmitted. The major symptoms entails vaginal odor, discharge and pelvic pain during intercourse. Females should be enlightened about practising safe sex.

3) Oral cancer  – Most prominently found in men. Can be credited to smoking, alcohol consumption and the Human Papilloma Virus. Abandoning these unhealthy habits can help prevent the ailment.


Early diagnosis can be extremely instrumental in fighting the disease. The number of cancer patients found in 2nd and 3rd tier cities is higher. These cities are equipped with screening facilities, enabling patients to do the needful.

Depending on the type of cancer,  a course of treatment is chosen. The treatments fenced in, include Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy  and Immunotherapy.

1 ) Chemotherapy –  It is the most commonly used ailment for prevention and treatment of cancer. By hindering the cancer cells from growing and dwindling their spread with means of medication.

2)  Targeted Therapy –  Obliterating of the proteins and genes which foster the growth of cancer cells.

3)  Immunotherapy –  Works on enhancement of the body’s defence system to cope with the cancer cells.


There has been an undeniable surge in the number of cancer patients. This can be credited to numerous factors. But making modest alterations to our daily life can help with prevention.

Our nation still has a lot of work to do in terms of machinery being available. One of the biggest causes behind these expanding numbers is the late diagnosis. If we can get to the root of this dilemma, we have already achieved half our goals. The late detection of cancer has proved lethal for many. People who could easily be salvaged are now in a tumultuous spot. Furthermore, being vocal and openly talking about sex is still a taboo. Acknowledging the need of the hour is imperative. Rightly educating the younger generation will help them and in turn help us in shooting down the numbers. It is devastating to see cancer become an epidemic and tear us away from our loved ones. Practising more compassion and self-awareness is a must.

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