Papa John's Halloween Pizza

Why Papa John’s Halloween Pizza is so Popular

Halloween may look different this year in some ways, but there are still a lot of normal celebrations happening. We can still buy candy and eat it before the kids come around. Many communities are looking for ways to pass out treats and keep children safe through social distancing. One thing that hasn’t changed is Papa John’s pizza specials. Pizza is one of the most favorite foods for parties, lunches or dinner, special occasion or not.

Why Papa John’s Halloween Pizza Will Be One of Your Favorite Items on the Menu

Papa John’s halloween pizza is a fall favorite. The crust is made to order by a pizza maker. It’s designed to be pumpkin-shaped, but every pizza is unique. It’s covered with pepperoni, with a couple of olives for the eyes. The Jack-O-Lantern pizza tastes as delicious as any Papa John’s pizza. It’s just a nice change of pace for a popular menu item.

Lunch Items That Are Both Affordable and Delicious

Papa John’s has an exciting menu that includes many different pizza options to choose the flavors you enjoy. Whether you’re hosting a group of kids for a Halloween lunch or feeding a crew at work, you’ll want to spice up your order with Pepsi beverages and Garlic Knots to fill everyone’s bellies with the tastes they love. Papa John’s gives you gluten-free options for your pizza. You can order a cheese-less pizza if you have ghouls and goblins that are lactose-intolerant or vegan. Many menu items are naturally vegetarian or can be ordered without meat. Pizza can help children of all ages get their vegetables. Onions, peppers and tomato sauce offer antioxidants and vitamins, even when they’re covered with cheese and baked on a delicious pizza crust. You may even be able to sneak in some greens by covering your pizza with fresh spinach.

Plan For Your Halloween Party Now

With Halloween on a Saturday this year, everyone is going to want to do something special. Start planning your celebration now to avoid the rush. When the day of the party comes around, it’s easy to use the online app or your computer to choose the pizzas and lunch options that you want. Pizza is popular with ghosts, princesses and superheroes of all ages. You don’t have to spend all morning cooking for a party that you want to enjoy too. Just keep it safe and remember to social distance while you’re enjoying your friends and families.

Get Rewarded For Your Lunch and Dinner Orders

Next time you’re thinking about where to get lunch near me, remember when you order from Papa John’s, you earn points toward futures purchases for free food. With No-Contact Delivery, you can stay social distanced from people outside your circle, limiting exposure to viruses and germs. Don’t forget to order desserts, Cinnamon Pull Aparts or Double Chocolate Chip Brownies are a great way to finish off a meal before you load up with candy. Halloween must be the best holiday of all because you can eat all the candy you want without feeling guilty. Order pizza today for your lunch.

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