Working Abroad: 9 Important Things You Must Prepare

Working Abroad: 9 Important Things You Must Prepare

A study states that 70% of newly graduated graduates have the desire to work abroad. This shows that our people have a great interest in earning money abroad.

The reasons are various. Starting from a higher income, experience living in another country, to wanting to put the knowledge gained in college to the fullest.

Especially for medical staffing solutions, this field is very important and quite respected overseas.

Of course, like working in the country, you also have to prepare a lot of things to be able to travel. Even the preparation is relatively more complicated.

What should you prepare if you want to work abroad? Here are 9 important things that you must prepare from now on.

1.  Fulfill the Required Documents

Documents are the main thing that you have to prepare. Because this concerns the legality of your existence in a foreign land.

Do not get deported because you cannot show valid identity or documents.

Your passport becomes your identity while living abroad. Make sure the passport you have is still valid.

Apart from your passport, you also have to prepare various other requirements such as:

• a certificate of competence you have

• certificate of health

• employment agreements with companies overseas

• a work visa in the country you are traveling to

When you can’t fulfill these conditions, let alone getting an entry permit, the immigration will not permit you to leave.

Why? Because you could potentially run into problems with incomplete documents.

2.  Check Your Health Condition

This is a point that should never be underestimated if you want to work abroad. You have to make sure you don’t have a serious illness that was brought abroad.

At a minimum, you know exactly what health problems often interfere with your activities.

Therefore, have a thorough health check at the nearest hospital or doctor. The examination model is like a medical check-up. All parts of your body are checked so that you can be declared healthy before going abroad.

In several countries, there are requirements for a health certificate like this for ex-pats who will work there. So it’s a good idea to have done it in your homeland and get a valid health certificate from a doctor.

3.  Check the Bonafidity of Intermediary Institutions

The high desire of people to try their luck abroad is a factor in the emergence of many labor service companies.

They act as intermediaries between the community and companies that need workers abroad.

If you do use the services of an intermediary agency like this, make sure their validity and bona fides are indeed good. Don’t be fooled by irresponsible people.

Instead of being able to go to work abroad, what has been the savings for years has collapsed without waste.

4.  Reinforce Motivation

The pressures and challenges of working abroad will certainly be heavier than working domestically. Culture and work rhythm, climate, a higher level of discipline, to competition that you have never experienced.

Therefore, before you go abroad, you must be able to prepare as strong a work motivation as possible. Because a strong motivation will give you a lot of energy to face challenges abroad.

Do not let, after a few months of work you have given up because of weak motivation.

Especially if you want to build a new career abroad. To be able to conquer all these challenges, you have much motivation.

Motivation will be the key for you to achieve success and make your family in the country proud.

5.  Master the Language of the Destination Country

Another asset to be able to conquer challenges while pursuing a career abroad is of course understanding the language of the country where you work.

As an illustration, in Europe alone, there are at least six main languages, namely English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian. This does not include languages ​​in small countries like Serbia, the Czech Republic, or Ukraine.

At a minimum, you must be able to master English. Both verbally and written. Because English has become the international language of instruction.

But it would be even better if you also master the language of the destination country. This is important so that the communication process during work can be smoother. Both with colleagues and superiors.

This way, you can understand many things more quickly, not just about work, when you master the local language.

6.  Increase Competence

One important thing that you must do while you are still in the stage of looking for your fortune abroad is to increase your competence.

This competency will be used to meet the standards prevailing abroad, which are generally higher.

Even though you are considered to have qualified competencies in your field of work, keep learning so that your abilities can increase. Because the work conditions that you will face later will be tougher and more challenging.

You also have more opportunities to develop better career and life.

7.  Improve Your Soft Skills

Not only technical skills that must be qualified, you must also improve non-technical skills (soft skills).

Because you will meet a condition that may be very different from what you are used to here.

Soft skills such as being smart in communication, adapting quickly, being willing to learn new things, and time management will be needed. This ability will help you adjust to a completely new work environment.

8.  Shut Down Your Mental

What kind of mentality have you prepared when you are going to work abroad?

A strong and mature mentality will be the capital in facing tough challenges abroad. It’s like, you have to be ready to work hard for a brilliant career.

Without a steel mentality, your career abroad will end sooner. Especially if you are starting your career abroad from a lower level. Surely you will find many tough tests to survive with your job.

9.  Learn Local Customs and Cultures

Where the earth is set, there the sky is upheld. A proverb that you must understand before deciding to go to work abroad. Because you are bound to meet customs and habits that are much different from those in other country.

Don’t get into trouble because you don’t understand the local customs. By learning local customs and cultures, it will be easier for you to adapt. Either where you work or the environment you live in.

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