You Cannot Connect To Norton Server

How To Rectify “You Cannot Connect To Norton Server” Error?

Norton is the leading antivirus software that works across a wide range of devices. Sometimes, users can face trouble while accessing their Norton accounts. The “You Cannot Connect to Norton Server Error” is usually seen when you try to activate your Norton account. The problem arises because of a server error or network issues. You might use your device even with the error, but it can cause many problems later. 

If you are facing such problems, don’t panic. With simple steps, you can quickly fix the issue and use your Norton antivirus software like before. 

Steps to follow for fixing Norton error:

Follow the steps given below to activate your Norton product successfully and run the software on your computer. You can also follow these steps when you face the norton error 8504

  • Restart your device 
Restart your device

The first step is to restart your device completely. You need to close all the programs and restart your computer or laptop. Most of the users report that the problem is resolved at this stage. If the problem persists, you can follow the other steps given below.

  • Check your default web browser. 
Check your default web browser

If you have set a default web browser, you need to review its settings. It will show you whether you have activated Norton in your browser or not. Sometimes users forget to activate Norton Shield in the browser, causing the error message to appear. 

  • Download Norton Activation tool
Download Norton Activation tool

Visiting the official website of Norton can help you download the activation tool. Go to the official Norton website and download the activation tool from there. Once the downloading is finished, you need to restart your device. Reboot your computer and open the software again. You should now be able to use Norton usually. If you still experience a problem, try to follow the below steps.

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  • Reinstall Norton on your device
Reinstall Norton on your device

Uninstalling and reinstalling Norton on your device can also help in some instances. Uninstall the software form your device. To do so, you can go to the control panel and select the manage programs tab. Could you open it and choose Norton software? Click on uninstall. Norton will be uninstalled from your device. After that, visit the Norton official website. From there, you can download the official software again. After downloading Norton, install it also on your device. You will now be able to use the software. If you are still not able to use the application, there is always another way mentioned below.

  • Download remove and reinstall tool from Norton.
Download remove and reinstall tool from Norton.

Norton has an official remove and reinstall tool. The tool is also useful in the case of norton error 8504 104. Go to the official website of Norton and download the tool. After downloading, install the tool on your device. Run the tool to remove and reinstall Norton from your device. At the same time, Norton will assess the problem and look for a solution. After installing the Software again, you will be able to use it without any error.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to use Norton on your device correctly. If the problem persists, you can contact Norton Technical Support for further assistance. 

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