Garden Activities for Kids

11 Great Garden Activities for Kids

Children enjoy a lot in recreational activities in the garden as they enable them to go in the open and enjoy the nature. Being outdoors in the garden can be one of the most enjoyable activities for your kids. Garden activities can make great moments both for parents and their children.

Gardening activities are both creative and educational that helps your kids learn about planting flowers, bushes, veggies, healthy living, and getting close to nature. Kids like the bright colors of flowers and shrubs in the garden. Here are some best garden activities that parents can plan for their kids.

Watering the plants

Watering the plants can be one of the easiest activities that kids can perform and have fun. Children like to play in the water, and it can be the most enjoyable in the summer season. So, get a cute watering can for your kids and ask them to water the plants. You can also teach them to use a garden hose to water the plants and shrubs.

Pulling the weeds

With time weeds grow in flower beds and planters in a garden. Every gardener needs to remove these weeds for the growth of plants and shrubs. You can teach your kids to pull out weeds from planters and flower beds in your garden. However, you need to ensure there are no thrones or bugs on the weeds that can hurt the hands of children.

Cleaning the garden

Cleaning the garden

It is important to teach your kids to clean the yard as it will make them learn hygiene. Cleaning the garden involves activities like removing the deal leaves, flowers, and stones from your garden. You can purchase a small rake for your child and ask him/her to use the same to clear dead leaves and flowers from your lawn.

Picking fruits, flowers, and veggies

Every garden has flowers and shrubs, but some have fruits and veggies. If you have fruits or veggies in your garden, you can teach your kids to harvest them. Parents can teach their kids how to use some garden tools to pick the fruits and veggies from your garden.

Composting the soil

Parents can teach their children about composting the soil. Also, teach them about the significance of using organic compost in the soil and how it helps the plants grow better.

Build a bird feeder

You can teach your kids to build a bird feeder using the plastic bowls. Place a plastic bowl with water in your garden and keep the food in another bowl. It attracts the birds to your garden, and your kids will also appreciate nature and grow their love for birds.

Paint the planters

If you have planters in your garden, you can teach your kids to paint them with bright colors. All kids love to paint and play with colors. Painting the planters will also help them learn how to use a brush and paint on a surface. You can teach them to mix two colors to create a new color.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Parents can encourage their kids to create a fairy garden and let their imagination drive wild. You can ask them to create a fairy garden using colorful pebbles, shells, sticks, and pots. Children are creative and can imagine scenes that parents cannot think. You will be amazed to see their creations in your garden.

Paint the rocks 

Kids have a great interest in colors, and they like to paint things in their favorite colors. You can ask them to paint the rocks in your garden. Let the rocks dry for some time after painting and then rearrange them around your flower pots.

Let the kids play in the garden

Some people may not consider playing as a garden activity, but playing in a garden can help encourage your kids to participate in gardening. It will make them understand how much they can enjoy by spending time in the garden. Your children will learn to play on the grass and dirt and see the gardener working in the garden.

Final words

These are some garden activities that kids can perform at their home. If your garden is not well designed, you can hire professional services like landscapers Brisbane for redesign and maintenance. Participating in these activities with your kids will encourage them to learn gardening skills and various types of flowers, plants, and shrubs.

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