8 Things to Consider while Installing Solar Panels on a Roof

Solar energy is clean energy, and using it does not have any adverse impact on our ecosystem. As solar energy is clean energy, it makes perfect sense to use the same and save on our utility bills. Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to save on your energy bills and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

However, there are many things that people need to know before installing solar panels on their roofs. As few people installed these panels, it is difficult to find them and ask for guidance. This post shares some essential things to know before installing solar panels on your roof.

Is your home suitable for solar panels?

Every property is not suitable for the installation of solar panels. Here are some things you can consider to check whether your house is suitable for solar panels or not.

Amount of shade

Solar panels don’t work well in shade or low sunlight. There should be ample sunlight for solar panels to produce electricity for your house. So, if your home does not receive adequate sunlight on the roof, solar panels will be of no use for your family.

Your energy bills

How much is your monthly energy bill? Solar panels will not make a big difference if the energy bills of your house are already low. Your monthly energy bill should be more than $100 to make the most out of your solar panels. Moreover, if half of the consumption of your electricity is during the daytime, you should install the solar panels. As a rule, the higher the energy bills, the more beneficial are solar panels for your home.

The direction of your roof

direction of your roof

If you have the roof in a direction that receives sunlight only for a few hours, there will be no use of solar panels. Your roof should be in a direction that it should receive sunlight from morning to evening to get the most benefits of your solar panels. The more the sunlight your solar panels receive, the more you can use solar energy and save on your bills.

Which panels should you install?

There is a wide range of solar panels available in the markets. Most of them are made in China because of low-cost labor. You should install the type of panels depending on your requirements. For example, if you live in your own home where you want to live for the long term, you can invest in high-quality panels. However, if you live in a rental house and need to relocate after a few years, you should go for average quality with at least five years of warranty.

Weight your roof can handle

Installing solar panels means putting extra pressure on your roof. If your roof is not built strong enough to handle the weight of the solar panels and their structure, it may collapse and lead to severe damage. Therefore, you must consider consulting a roof restoration professional to evaluate your roof to confirm whether it can tolerate the weight of the entire structure of solar panels.

Warranty of Panels /Inverters

Warranty of Panels /Inverters

Warranty is an essential factor to consider while buying solar panels or inverters. Solar panels most come with ten years, 15 years, and 25 years warranty. More the warranty period, more is the cost of the product and also the reliability. You can select a product depending on your requirements. Even a five-year warranty product can perform best if you live in a rental property or want to sell your house after a few years.

Nature’s other surprises

There are many other things, like lightning storms, hailstorms, hurricanes, and rains. Solar panels and related equipment may damage in case of such events. While insurance can cover some types of these events, it is essential to consider the potential dangers, if you live in an area that experienced such conditions.

Final words

These are some things to know before you install solar panels on your roof. Considering the energy requirements of your house, the sunlight received, the direction of your roof, and the cost of solar panels can help homeowners to make a wise decision. Following these tips can help you decide whether you should install solar panels on your roof.

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