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16 More Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Know for 2020

Digital marketing is known to be an effective tool for improving communication with customers. What is digital marketing strategy? Basically, it’s a series of actions where a company turns to online channels to achieve marketing goals. The channels include paid, owned, and earned media. 

Many companies look for a digital marketing strategy template. They consider it as a basis for customizing the digital marketing plan. We offer 16 types of digital marketing to consider in 2020. Read on to learn how to reach customers in 2020.

  • Keep Focusing on Content

Content marketing has been a God of digital marketing strategies already for a while. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 trends report, three fourth of B2B marketers use content marketing. The most effective method is turning to education assets. It nurtures leads and builds customers’ trust. To put it in a nutshell, you have to aim for an educational, relevant, and authoritative content.

  • Personalization Is Key in Communication with Customers

Personalization is on the spotlight even longer than content marketing. Its ultimate difference is that it’s relevant and applicable regarding the types of digital marketing strategies used. To find out its true power, you have to personalize every single message. For that, turn to analytics and data. If you’re not sure how to start with your personalization effort, check out this list of the best marketing books available today. Most, if not all, will have a chapter of marketing personalization.

  • Consider Investment in Original Research

A paradox of this strategy is that you should carry out original research, not for the sake of data. Or at least, not for direct usage. It’s a way to create a unique – or more like exclusive – content. It’s highly shareable. To reach a broader audience, post it on social media.

  • Keep Updating the Published Content

Once you invest in content, you want it to show ROI for a long time. Well, outdated content isn’t going to deliver high reach. A search engine mechanism prefers fresh content. Add some updates, change the date of the article to represent the newest version.

  • Respond to Relevant Queries

You can promote yourself by building an image of an expert. Services like HARO – Help a Reporter Out – provide such a chance. Journalists look for experts in many various fields. Some companies claim that they receive up to ten links per week by responding to relevant queries.

  • Utilize the Power of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is currently on the rise. Digital marketing boasts an active collaboration of brands of all types. Guest blogs are an amazing way to improve reach and saturate your blog with interesting content. For example, if you are a designer, you can post in the Fortuna Visual Group blog. 

  • Videos Are Still Trending

Video content was one of the best digital marketing strategies in 2019. The trend remains relevant in 2020 as well. They are entertaining and convenient to comprehend. Moreover, that’s exactly what a younger generation prefers. Educational yet funny branded videos are highly popular in social media.

  • Go for Live Streaming

Another type of video content. However, this one is more real. In other words, it replaces real human connections. Users like live streams because they can see the real you. It contributes to building a stronger connection with the target audience. Moreover, live streams usually take place in social media – the place where customers exist.

  • Try Podcasts

Some market specialists refer to podcasts as a real breakthrough of the previous year. Although they gained popularity not long time ago, such a strategy is highly effective. You can host your own podcast or join someone. Connect with other brands or media. The ultimate advantage is that you can repurpose content from your blog. 

  • Automate Your Email Marketing Campaign

Automation helps to implement high-quality digital marketing in 2020. If you don’t want to scale it up, start from automating email campaigns. It allows you to cover all the range of clients, monitor statistics, and adjust communication. Moreover, you can launch A/B testing, customize emails according to time zones, add CTA buttons, and many, many more.

  • Don’t Forget About Voice Search

People start to use voice search more and more often. Chatbots are your loyal workers that are always there to answer FAQs or voice queries. They are cost-effective and allow humans to focus on more meaningful tasks. Probably, soon we will have to make a deal with Siri or Alexa.

  • Try Visual Technologies

By visual technologies, we mean augmented reality. How to do digital marketing without interactive content? The first and foremost reason to use augmented reality is Generation Z. They are becoming a major customer cluster that prefers modern visual technologies. Moreover, it helps to increase online sales. People can try your products remotely! 

  • Turn to Smart Bidding

Smart bidding leads to better ad targeting. The mechanism is pretty simple. It studies the past data and received meaningful insights. After that, it optimizes ad spend toward top-converting search queries, audiences, and demographic segments. To ensure maximum efficiency, you can connect customers’ CRM data to each digital channel.

  • Make Sure Employees Are Happy and Satisfied

A customer-centric approach implies high-quality service. Who provides it? Employees! Therefore, you have to focus on them. They must be polite, happy, and knowledgeable. Create productive and comfortable working conditions; don’t forget about empathy and benefits.

  • Focus on Customer Retention

You aren’t alone on the market. Competitors constantly bombard clients with offers. That’s why you have to outperform them. Especially when it comes to your clients. Remember: keeping a consumer is cheaper than attracting a new one.

  • Try Account-Based Marketing
Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing focuses on a personalized approach to a client or a segmented group of clients with similar business attributes. This is a trend to embrace for the B2B segment. Corporations want to feel that you value the relationship. All in all, such a strategy is known to yield a higher ROI compared to other types of marketing.

Keep up with the trends to deliver outstanding service. The era of digital marketing in US is on the rise, isn’t it? Unleash its power!

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