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M7 business schools – One Stop Solution for Wharton School Courses

If you are thinking of doing courses for the betterment of your profile or promotion in a job, it is very important to know what courses need to be done for actually achieving the target and from where you should be taking these courses from. It is important for you to know that not all university courses are accepted worldwide and only online courses provided by some reputed M7 business schools are accepted and appreciated. Thus, before spending your precious time and money do good research. Wharton School which is under the University of Pennsylvania is one of the M7 top business studies colleges that provides these courses online. Here is a list of courses that are available:

Course Description Fees
Leadership in the 21st century Regarding creating an environment where employees can grow and reach goals. Dollar nine hundred ninety-five.
Managing and Motivating Talent For managers to get good management training. Dollar nine hundred ninety-five.
Managing the Global Firm Learn from world-class Professor Mauro Guillen, how to optimize time and maximize profit and growth. Dollar nine hundred ninety-five.
Strategic Management: Competitive and Corporate Strategy Learn to evaluate, develop and execute successful strategies inside and outside your organization. Dollar nine hundred ninety-five.
Digital Marketing Dollar two thousand three hundred four
Social Media and E-Commerce for your Business Learn about the digital economy and know how the digital world works. Dollar Five hundred Eighty-Five.
Marketing Analytics: Data, Tools, and Techniques Learn how different companies are using data to gain profit and use the process in your company too. Dollar Five hundred Eighty-Five.
Managing the Value of Customer Relationships Learn how to keep your customers happy, create loyal customers by applying customer-centric strategies. Dollar Five hundred Eighty-Five.
Selling ideas: How to influence others and get your message to catch on Be an expert in social media to learn the skill to let people know about your product. Use it as a platform to showcase your product and gain customers. Dollar nine hundred ninety-five.
Strategic Management Certificate Learn to use strategy for your benefit. Know what are your competitors are up to and what might be their next move and plan yours accordingly. Dollar five hundred thirty-seven.
Leadership in the Age of Digital Disruption Learn how to use your leadership skills to gain competitive advantages in this disruptive business world. Dollar five hundred eighty-five
Wharton Online Specializations Mainly for health care professionals, chief directors and so on. Dollar seventy-nine per month
Achieving Personal and Professional Success
Business and Financial Modeling Specialization
Business Foundation Specialization
Business Strategies for a Better World
The Business of Health Care Specialization
Fintech: Foundation and Application of Financial Technologies
Modeling risk and realities
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Introduction to Marketing

These all were the online courses available from Wharton School. If one wants to get into Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania they will be coming across various other courses. The courses provided by Wharton School are given below:

Undergraduate Courses:

  1. Management And Life Sciences In The Roy And Diana Vagelos
  2. Management In Health Care And Nursing
  3. Business And International Studies In The Huntsman Program
  4. Technology And Management From The Jerome Fisher Program
  5. Economics (Bs)
  6. Additional Dual Degrees


  1. MBA Program (MBA)
  2. Executives MBA Program
  3. Advanced International Studies Of Whartonschool
  4. Government School Of Wharton/Kennedy
  5. International Studies And Management From Joseph H Lauder Institute
  6. Additional Dual Degrees
  7. Wharton/Engineering (MBA/SEAS)
  8. MBA Program Of Francis J. & Wm. Polk Carey

Doctoral Programs

  1. Statistics
  2. Applied Economics
  3. Information Management, Operations & Decision Processes
  4. Accounting
  5. Finance
  6. Health Care Management & Economics
  7. Ethics & Legal Studies
  8. Management
  9. Marketing

Executive Education

  1. Wharton Online
  2. Executive Education From Wharton
  3. Custom Programs

Global Programs

  1. Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business (BS/BA)
  2. International Exchange Programs
  3. International Studies And Management From Joseph H. Lauder Institute
  4. Advanced International Studies In Wharton School
  5. Wharton-Insead Alliance

Global Curriculum

  1. Business And International Studies In The Huntsman Program
  2. Interdisciplinary Programs
  3. Technology And Management From The Jerome Fisher Program
  4. Management In Health Care And Nursing
  5. Government School Of Wharton/Kennedy
  6. Management Program In Health Care
  7. Wharton School Of International Advanced Studies (MBA/MA)
  8. Management And Life Sciences Of The Roy And Diana Vagelos
  9. Francis J. & Wm. Polk Carey JD/MBA Program (JD/MBA)
  10. Joseph H. Lauder International Studies And Management Institute (MBA/MA)
  11. Wharton/Engineering (MBA/SEAS)

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