9 Annoying Things Only Women Will Understand

9 Annoying Things Only Women Will Understand

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There are certain things that only women can relate to, and we know all of you ladies out there will agree on this!

It is true being a woman isn’t hard, but it’s not simple either. No, we are not starting any gender-based war here. Instead, we are just here to highlight some of the struggles we women have to face daily.

Heck, some of them even sound silly or ‘pretty normal,’ aka not fulfilling the standards of being called struggles or problems, but yes, they do exist!

And almost every woman experiences them in their everyday routine.Here we have made a list of such annoying things that only women will understand:

  • Bra Struggles

The next thing on our list is that one problem every woman wishes she never had to face. Yes, the mighty ‘bra struggles.’ Of course, it is an essential clothing accessory, but why does it have to itch so bad?? The straps make you feel uncomfortable all day, as if they want to rip off your skin. (no exaggeration here.)

So, is there any magical wireless lift bra that can be worn all day without having the urge to remove it every passing second to feel the freedom and euphoria? Of course! Look for it, and you may find one.

  • Egg Face

High ponytail is a classic fashion trend that’s never going to end. This sleek, versatile, and quick hairdo is one of the go-to hairstyles for most women. But, with fashion comes the pain. First comes the headache, then comes the look of an egg face, and lastly, when you finally let your hair fall free, they remain there like you have them glued.

Every lady that loves to tie her hair up in a tight ponytail will agree with us.

What can you do about it? The only solution you got is heavy conditioning, my ladies!

  • Unsolved Mystery of BobbyPins

Girls have never-ending storage of bobby-pins, hair-ties, clips, and whatnot. But, when you need them, they just disappear as if they went to the Bermuda triangle. Yes, it’s a mystery that no woman ever has able to solve.

Don’t leave them anywhere, ladies. Instead, dedicate a box entirely to your hair-accessories and throw them into it so that you know already where to find them next time.

  • Bad Hair Day

Normal women have bad days, but superwomen have bad hair days. Yes, there are days when you do nothing to your hair, and they look as if you have gotten them done from an expensive salon. And then comes the bad days when nothing works(especially when you are heading to a special event).

No matter how much preparation and effort you put into making them look presentable, your hair just wants to go in every possible direction. A literal mess indeed!

The key to a good hair day is oiling, conditioning, conditioning, and conditioning.

  • Endless Tries For Perfect Winged Liner

Okay, ladies, now hold up your gear because you are about to relive all the memories when you had to try more than 5 times just to get that perfect winged eyeliner. And, even worse, you still didn’t get it, and you were rooting to make them even at least.

But have you ever tried the bobby pin liner hack? The tape hack? Or the eyeliner stamps? Well, if you haven’t, give them a go!

  • One Sneeze That Can Ruin Everything

10 out of 8 ladies must have experienced this. You finally got your makeup done, your eyeshades are popping, and lipstick is rocking, and now all you got to deal with is the mascara because long lashes are a game-changer.

You moisturized the eyes earlier, applied the first coat of your mascara, then the second, and now you are only waiting for it to dry. But, nay nay,not today. Suddenly, you have the feeling to sneeze, but how can you do it? Your mascara is still wet. And, if you sneeze, the rest of your face will also be! (with your tears because of ruined makeup)

Note:The wiggling of the wand back and forth closer on the roots of your eyelashes triggers the ophthalmic nerves, which in turn causes a sneezing reaction.

  • Eyebrows Are Sisters Not Twins

Yes, you read it right. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Remember all the times you wasted in making them look identical, but even after giving it your all, they still looked weird and asymmetrical. Do you know why? Because they are meant to look similar, not identical.

The least you can do not to make them look like stepsisters that are forced to wear the same clothes is by following your natural brows shape.

  • The Art of Walking in High Heels

Only a brave woman knows how to handle uncomfortable high heels. A lot of pain, comfort, and struggle goes into walking in high heels. They look classy on the outside but feels like thorns on the inside.

But high heels are worth it but not the wobbling and blisters that come with them, so make sure to protect the back of your foot with a bandage.

Reminder:Remember to keep extra bandages with you to remain blister-free.

  • Period. Periodt!

Here comes the most annoying of them all, period. Period! If you notice a woman switching moods like a shopaholic switch clothes, you must note not to disturb her. She might be happy at one moment and sad at the other.

And, there’s nothing wrong with that because PMSing is real, and girls go through it. We are sure there are numerous other annoying things that we have not included in our list. Share your such weird, trivial, or frustrating experience with us!

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