Advantages Of Electrostimulation

Advantages Of Electrostimulation

There Are No Osteotendous Angles And Articular Injuries Are Reduced

As a contraction is performed without any overload at the articular level, all the injuries that all this entails, such as periostitis, tendinitis, bursitis, osteochondritis, etc. practically disappear, because all that overload to which we submit to our joints in the form of kilos disappears completely and consequently all the injuries that can be associated with classical voluntary training and that often lower our performance in training.

Amount Of Work At High Frequencies

Unlike voluntary training where fatigue does not allow us to maintain 100% performance, in Electrostimulation (EEM) we can maintain a 100% intensity contraction from 3 seconds in the case of explosive force to 10 seconds in the case of aerobic resistance .

This that at first glance may seem an interesting fact, is really an incredible advance because we are working better the type of fiber we want and obviously the work we will do in an EEM session, we will take several sessions in voluntary training to be able to do a muscular job Let him approach this one.

This will produce a CONGESTION that we will not be able to achieve in any other way.

To give you an idea, a resistance strength program applied in quadriceps (lasting 20 minutes) is equivalent to 600 squats in terms of work volume

Preferred Recruitment Of Fast Fibers

We know that when we contract a muscle voluntarily, we first recruit slow fiber, then mixed and finally we can recruit fast fiber, although many times our health must pay a high price for it. On the other hand, in the EEM, as we work at the optimum frequencies for each type of fiber (when we want to stimulate fast fibers, we know that they tetanize to 66 Hertz, although higher frequencies are used for super fast fiber) whenever muscle contraction occurs we are contracting 100% of the fast fibers of that part from the first moment, which will break many more actin and myosin bridges than in voluntary training and will make us progress more and better.

This is why hypertrophy can be seen faster and greater than in voluntary training, because we are working fiber that otherwise we could never recruit and doing so every time will help us to progress more

A Psychic Fatigue Is Not Produced

We all know that psychic fatigue limits our muscular performance since it does not allow us to work to the maximum of our possibilities. In EEM this does not occur since the impulse does not start from the brain, with which the central fatigue is zero and the peripheral fatigue is very high, but it is given directly to the motor nerve of the muscle that we want to work on. And this is one of the reasons why we can tolerate training much better and assimilate more work in less time, so hypertrophy will occur rather than in voluntary training.

This is also very important to avoid overtraining that occurs due to psychic fatigue and that will leave us without training for some time.

Increase In Muscle Oxidative Capacity

We are talking about the ability of fibers to consume that oxygen that is provided by the blood. We know that slow fibers have a very large amount of oxidative enzymes, which with the intervention of oxygen will allow us to draw energy from fatty acids and carbohydrates. The improvement in oxygen consumption of these fibers is due to the higher concentration of these enzymes, and this can be multiplied with EEM (an increase of up to 6 times the amount of these oxidative enzymes has been found in animals).

Reduction Of The Production Of The Lactic Acid

With the sharp increase in blood flow that EEM can generate (up to five times), the increase in the capillary network is favored, especially around fast fibers. This phenomenon ensures a greater exchange surface between the fibers and the blood. That is, there will be a better diffusion of oxygen and glucose.

For all this, by reducing the production of lactic acid, we can maintain the intensity of work without the appearance of local acidosis that will cause us a decrease in performance.

There Is No Cardiovascular Stress

We know that certain strength workouts cause an increase in the wall of the heart and this can trigger long-term heart problems. As with the EEM only an increase of between 5-10 pulsations takes place this cannot take place.

Active Recovery

Active recovery will allow us to eliminate accumulated toxins, oxygenate our muscles and restore muscle tone, and awaken the endorphinic system to end relaxation. This applied after any strength training will allow us to accelerate the recovery a lot and therefore to be able to perform the next training in better conditions and thus increase the performance. For better boost, you can try out the best quality hgh injections like humatrope 72 iu and genotropin 36 iu etc.

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