Thursday , September 23 2021
Cask Ales

An Introduction to Cask Ales

Beer drinking has become quite sophisticated and the differences between cask and keg, ale and lager, bitter and stout have become an important factor in a pastime that has once again taken off across the globe. Whether you are young or old, discovering a love for beer will open a whole new world of flavour and could entail becoming part of a global club of beer lovers. Here you’ll find some important information to start your journey and give you insights into the different kinds of beer drinking options available.

Cask or Keg

There are many different opinions about what is best when it comes to enjoying this ancient drink, but to make an informed decision you may need to know a bit more about the differences.

Cask beer is usually beer or ale that is unfiltered and then transferred into casks. Once in the cask, it is carbonated, sealed and then goes through a final process of fermentation in the cask. Some may consider it challenging to drink because it can be slightly cloudy and is not always served cold but at cellar temperature. And, because it has live yeast and is unfiltered is considered ‘live’ beer, all of which add to the taste and differentiate it from other beer.

Keg beer on the other hand is usually filtered, carbonated and pumped out with carbon dioxide. Beer from a keg is also usually served at a colder temperature and because it is sterile when it enters the keg, does not undergo any further fermentation:When it goes into the keg, it is ready to drink.

Finding Your Preference

While many people consider cask ales traditional or even old fashioned, the preference really depends on your taste buds and not the opinions of others. If you are looking to start discovering beer but don’t want to take the leap alone, why not consider an online beer delivery service which can send you recommendations and find the right beer for your specific taste requirements. Make sure you’ve read the reviews and check out how they intend to package and transport your purchase.

Resurgence of Cask Ales

While cask ale’s popularity started to diminish in the mid-1990s, there has recently been a strong resurgence in interest in cask ales and beers. This is driven largely by not only the fact that specialist equipment is required to produce keg beer but also an interest in craft beers and making beer as a hobby. Beer and ale producers have also seen growth in interest in different types, styles and flavours of beers. This has introduced new producers, distributors and consumers to the beer and ale market, which has also further driven the debate and interest in cask ales.

Finding the right cask ale can take time, a fair amount of research, and involve some exciting tasting. Keeping it fun can be easy if you do it with a group of like-minded friends and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or joining a beer club. As pubs and restaurants begin to re-open and welcome back customers, options of finding your perfect beer are also widening.

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