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Are There Any Dog Foods That Are Human Safe?

These days there are so many different options for dog foods. It can be difficult to know which one you should get for your furry friend. Should you opt for dry food that can help them maintain their teeth? Or should you opt for wet food to help prevent diabetes? Nowadays there are even more options, with fresh human-grade food gaining popularity. 

What is Human-Grade Dog Food?

Human-grade food is defined as dog food that even humans can eat, in theory. The Association of American Feed Control Officials or the AAFCO states that the term “human-grade” has no standardized definition in the pet food space, but the US Department of Agriculture or USDA has stated that it simply means “edible”. 

So while human-grade dog food could be consumed by humans, that doesn’t mean that it should be. You’re better off letting your dogs eat the dog food while you stick to your own, separate human food. 

Dog Food Brands That are Human-Grade

These days there are so many different options for human-grade pet food. Just a few years ago it was considered to be a new concept, and now it’s blowing up in popularity. Many dog parents insist that having your pet on a human-grade diet means that they’re eating healthier by the standards of the AAFCO. 

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is probably the most popular brand to come out with human-grade food. They promote their high-grade dog food all over the web for good reason. So many pet parents swear by it. With meal plans designed by veterinarians and free shipping country-wide, there aren’t many reasons not to choose The Farmer’s Dog. 


Ollie is another great option. They offer meal plans with human-grade meat, produce, and superfoods. All their meals are uniquely tailored to each dog, giving you recipes based specifically on your dog’s profile. 

Ollie food arrives frozen in insulated trays that are totally recyclable. You can also skip or cancel your plan whenever you need to. 

Nom Nom

Nom Nom is a meal plan service for both cats and dogs, using USDA-approved meals that contain human-grade foods. The recipes crafted by Nom Nom are made by a board-certified vet nutritionist, so you’re definitely getting the best foods for your furry family by ordering from Nom Nom. 

Nom Nom offers free delivery on all orders as well as the ability to cancel or skip a box whenever you may need to. 

Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango is a great option if you’re looking for a dry food mix that contains human-grade and farm-fresh ingredients. They don’t include artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers in their food. 

Spot & Tango uses an algorithm to craft their meal plans for their customers. The meal plan can be changed at any time. Their nutrition plans exceed industry standards, so your pet will get everything they need from Spot & Tango foods. 

Should My Dog be On a Human-Grade Diet?

Whether or not your dog should be eating human-grade food is completely up to you. It can be much healthier than everyday, typical wet or dry food that can be found at the grocery store or in the pet store. However, there are many higher-end pet foods that are comparable to human-grade options. 

Human-grade fresh foods for your dog are expensive but well worth it. Your dog will be happy eating human-grade foods. However, you can get the same benefit from some higher-end pet store foods without spending as much money.  It’s up to you whether or not you want to put your animal on a human-grade plan. There aren’t any risks associated with human-grade foods, and there may be some rewards. Ultimately, it’s your choice! 

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