Tighten Your Watch Band

How To Properly Tighten Your Watch Band

We definitely do not want people to have that opinion of us but then again — having a watch that does not fit right is exceedingly common. This is particularly the case when you get investment watches that are passed on generationality by members of your family. 

As a matter of fact, we have probably all been through that before. Your dad or your grandfather has a very special watch that he then passed on to you but then it doesn’t really sit tightly in your wrist and you find yourself constantly having to adjust it whenever you want to tell the time because it often goes backwards. When your watch doesn’t fit right you also run the risk of losing it making it easier to slip off completely when you do not even notice it. 

Having that said, you definitely want to adjust your watch band. For watches that have bands that are made out of rubber, this is easy to do. For more traditional watches that are made with stainless steel or titanium, however, follow these quick steps on tightening your band correctly.

Size The Watch Up

The first step that you need to take in order to adjust your watch band correctly is to wear the watch just as it is first and take a look at how loose it gets around the bottom. 

Just put the watch on and turn your forearms towards the floor and try to see how big the gap is between your wrist and the inner lining of the watch. This will give you an accurate idea on how many links you would have to remove. 

Give It a Little Pinch

Now that you have an idea on how loose the watch actually is, try to pinch the watch and try to see where the clasp should be. Remember, the clasp is the part of the watch that allows you to look the links into place. 

When you pinch the watch, observe how many links are excluded when you try to find the perfect fit on your wrists. Make sure that you do not pinch the links together as tightly as possible because you want to give the watch a little bit of extra space for comfort. 

Find the Right Tools

Now that you have sized up the watch accuaretly, the next thing to do is get your tools ready so that you can start removing the necessary number of links and get the watch back together better than ever. Here is a rundown of the basic tools that you will need:

  • Pins

In order to remove the necessary amount of links, you have to first take away the pins that keep them together. You can easily do this with a couple of push pins. Just use the sharp edge of the push pin to get the link pins out of their holes slowly.

  • Pliers

Now that the pins are removed you want to remove the actual links. You cannot do this by hand of course, you will need to remove them with the use of pliers. 

  • Hammer

After you have removed the necessary amount of links to give your watch the right fit, take a jewelry hammer to put the pinks bank into their links so that you can fully assemble the watch back together without the extra links. 

And there you have it. These are the basic things you need to know and tools that you need to prepare to adjust your watch band correctly. Just remember to be careful and handle the watch delicately and you should be able to get that thing snug on your wrist.

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