Ways to Install Trampoline

Benefits and Ways to Install Trampoline to Keep Kids Safe

You create a habit of exercising and jogging every morning, but by jumping on the trampoline, springs will replace the invisible pressure of the track. Such jumping has proved to be 3 times more beneficial than running.

Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline

1. Does not take much effort

Unlike other sports like running, cycling, … jumping on the trampoline absolutely does not bring pressure or requires children to have a habit of intensive training. The surface of the trampoline allows children to reach arbitrary heights, which can accelerate and decelerate without compressing the musculoskeletal system because according to a study, the jump of the trampoline helps children reduce shock to 85%. Yes, as you can see, kid’s trampolines can positively impact their health and everyday life.

2. Stronger bones and joints

Each time jumping on a trampoline, kids must use a force twice the force of the earth, so the body must change to help children create a suitable force. Since then bones and joints are also complementary, helping children prevent brittle bones and osteoporosis from a young age. Such jumping up and down does not put too much pressure on the bones, but on the contrary, helps the bones and joints be protected and improve the mineral content in the bones. The bigger and wider the trampoline, the lower the pressure on the body will be dispersed and lessened, the child’s bones and joints will be protected and stimulated development. However, you should choose a trampoline of good quality and suitable for children.

3. Keep in a good mood

Not only promotes oxygenation in the brain to help keep the baby awake throughout the day, but the sensations achieved while dancing really make the baby happy and happy, simply because jumping on the spring hits the heart. Children’s reason for fun and novelty. Children will be happier, more positive and more confident than before. It is hard to see the sadness that exists on a baby’s face when they are jumping on a trampoline.

4. Enhance metabolism

Trampoline jumping has been shown to increase the metabolic rate, helping the child’s body process nutrients more efficiently. Thereby balancing the body’s energy and helping children maintain a healthy weight.

5. Convenience

You can get your child to jump on a trampoline at any time without following a set schedule, without too much preparation. Kids can freely dance as they like, but parents remember for children to wear socks to protect the toes. Increasing the content of oxygen in the blood, strengthening the musculoskeletal system, improving aerobic exercise, and most importantly, cleansing and detoxifying the body. Jumping on a trampoline can be a new way to help kids exercise and have fun without too much effort.

Ways to Install Trampoline to Be Safe for Kids

Install protective mesh for trampoline

Certainly the use of extra protection net when installing with trampoline will make it easier for children to play here. Depending on the needs, you choose to install the height of the net so as to ensure you can ensure that you will have a safe play equipment to prevent children from jumping out. dangerous.

Also note that parents should tell them to avoid jumping on the net to avoid damage and can be dangerous for them.

Installation of additional ladders

Usually for children to be able to climb trampoline should be equipped with climbing ladders so children can climb up and down safely. You can choose the type of removable and removable. But remember to only lift ladders when there are no children playing on them. In addition, it should be supervised when children play.

Install a cushion for trampoline

Trampolines are usually covered with a thick layer of cushioning on springs, hooks and rods to protect children from being bumped into their heads and body parts. Over time, the pads may wear and must be serviced and replaced immediately.

Installation location

Trampoline is safest when lying on a flat, soft surface, and in an open space. When trampoline is installed, it may cause injury to children when playing on the mattress. Children may lose their balance and fall to the ground. In addition, when installing trampoline, avoid areas with overhead power lines, branches and other obstacles within the jump range of children. Children can jump from the floor to the ground so absolutely should not install trampoline on hard surfaces like concrete, bricks, asphalt …

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