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BYJU’S – Past, Present & Future

The traditional learning system has shifted to the digital platform ever since technology has improved. One such top and leading online learning platform in India is called Byju’s which has been designed for school curriculum.

Byju’s headquarter is located in Bangalore and was founded in the year 2011 by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath. Being one of the most valuable educational technology platforms, this ed-tech serves globally. 

Byju’s in the Past and Present 

As mentioned above Byju’s was founded in the year of 2011 by Think and Learn Private Ltd by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath. Raveendran has a degree as an engineer and also taught students to help them pass their mathematics exams. 

In the year of 2011, Raveendran and his wife managed to find out about an online educational platform that was completely video-based.

Later Byju’s: the learning app was founded which helped the parents to track down their child’s learning course. It runs on a freemium model. Just after a few years of launch, Byju’s had more than a crore of free users and about 900,000 paid users. 

The brand ambassadors of Byju’s, the learning app, are Mohanlal and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. This educational platform has won many awards and accolades including 

  • Deloitte technology fast 500 Asia Pacific ( from 2012 to 2017 Continuously.)
  • Express IT Awards
  • Wharton Reimagine Education Overall Ed Tech Award 
  • VCCircle awards
  • FT/IFC transformational business awards 
  • Future of India Awards and many more.

Currently, It offers educational content to the students from classes 4 to 12, and later another program was started for children studying in classes from Kindergarten to 3. 

Besides helping and guiding the children during their school days, Byju also trains their students for examinations like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS, and more. 

In order to cover all the concepts, Byjus offers more than 1000 hours of video lectures, tests, and other things to help the students learn in a better way. It offers online study materials and perfect guidance to the students are given by the highly educated teachers across India so that they can learn faster and easier. 

All one needs to do is download the application and register themselves as students to benefit from the unique learning process that it provides. Presently, the market valuation of this educational platform stands at $16.5 billion.

What Makes Byju’s: The Learning App Leading Educational in India?

Byjus is an educational platform that comes with cloud-based deployment and a one-time payment method that easily runs on iOS and android platforms. 

Here are some of the things that will help you to know more about this amazing learning application. 

  • Provides Video and Other Visual Contents 

Video contents have proven to be powerful as they are easier to understand and conveys the messages in a proper way. Byjus understands this and provides video content in High quality from reputed teachers which the students can view using their portal anytime. 

Besides videos, Byjus provides visual aids like diagrams, charts, short animations, and more to make the learning fun and interesting

  • Easy Understanding of Concepts

The main goal of Byjus is to provide education and learning in such a way that the concepts can be easily understood by fellow students. 

This is why it provides appraisals like adaptive exercises, practice sheets, tests, and many other things so that the concept could be cleared easily.

  • Provides Progress Report

As Byjus follows a block-based learning method with an assessment at the end of each block, the main focus revolves around improvement.

Students are provided with progress reports so that the strengths and weaknesses can be identified by the parents and the students themselves. These reports are given particularly on each subject so that they can work harder towards better results.

  • Easy Access 

Byjus is easily accessible which means it can be used on any mobile phone or desktop no matter android or iOS.

 It comes with a user-friendly interface and responsive design that makes it easier to install and use by the students.

  • Unique Learning Techniques and Library Management 

As Byjus covers 25 state boards along with CBSE, this amazing learning platform follows unique techniques so that students can learn the concepts with shortcuts, tricks, problem-solving skills, and other excellent ways. 

It also offers library management to the students where they can choose any of the chapters of their choice to study.

  • Customized Environment 

This platform offers a customized environment to the students where they can view the contents as many times as possible until they completely understand it or perform tests multiple times until they reach their targeted progress.  

All the materials can be viewed even without the need of downloading them. Other than that, students can also interact with their mentors in real-time to get their doubts cleared. 

  • Highly Educated Tutors

Lastly, one of the most amazing features that have helped to reach Byju’s at the top level is the highly educated tutors.

There are thousands of subject matter experienced teachers who are aware of all the techniques that can help a student to score maximum marks in their exams. 

Future of Byju’s: The Learning App 

Byju’s is looking forward to making its biggest push which is to expand internationally with the launch of their new product named Byju’s Future School. It is expected that this product of Byju’s would be launched in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico too. 

Also, it has been found that Byjus would be having 11,000 female educators from India who would cater to the students in the English Speaking Market. Besides that local educators from Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia would be hired for the Non-English speaking markets to cater to the students.  It is expected that the subsidiary of Byju’s which is Whitehat jr would become Byju’s future school in the overseas market. Other than that, this educational brand is looking forward to its other premium product in India which would be one-to-one student-to-teacher offerings. 

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