Call Tracking and its Benefits

Call Tracking and its Benefits in Marketing

Yes, it is exactly how it sounds. You track the inbound calls your company receives, analyze them and utilize the data in marketing. As odd as it may sound, there’s no scary stuff involved with this technique. Instead, it gives an important insight into all the touchpoints that convinced your customers to call you. Here are some of the other benefits of call tracking in marketing.

  1. It helps you to identify true Return on Investment (ROI)

You can invest your marketing budget in a variety of channels. For example, in pay-per-click advertising, web content, SEO, email marketing, print advertisements and etc. However, every month you cannot blindly invest in marketing. Instead, you have to analyze if your particular marketing strategies are working or not. Call Tracking allows you to determine the channel through which the customer reached out to you and which modes are generating the highest profit. In this way, you will not spend your budget on failed strategies.

  1. It can improve lead conversions

Call tracking metrics to allow you to determine where a call came from. It has long been proven that leads from phone calls have higher chances of converting into sales. In contrast, if a lead does not convert into a sale, you can also determine the reasons behind it through call tracking. You can do this by calling back the customer, the most effective strategy. In this way, you can ask the customer why he couldn’t partner up with your business. You may then offer additional incentives to secure the leads.

  1. It gives insight into the performance of your customer service

You might lose some of your leads due to the incompetent performance of your customer service representatives. For instance, if you are running a company offering cheap essay writing service. Then, by checking the recording of the call, you will be better able to analyze your customer service department. Subsequently, you will be able to make appropriate internal changes in your company.

  1. You can identify the peak calling hours

As it allows you to record calls, you can also analyze the peak hours when customers reach out to your business. In this way, you can better market your cheap writing service through external marketing strategies. For example, if most of your customers call you in the afternoon, it means that they must be online as well during that time. Therefore, the mid of the day will be the right time to digitally market your brand.

  1. It can help improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is important to know which keywords are motivating or attracting people to contact your business. For example, keywords from Google call extension, call-only ad and search landing pages. This can be crucial in analyzing the success of your Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Plus, you can use the most successful keywords in future marketing campaigns to attract more customers.

  1. You can measure the success of your web content

Other key advantages of call tracking are these that you can accurately scrutinize the most popular content that your customers view, the time they spend on watching the content and the leads it generates. If your web content isn’t that successful, you can invest your budget in improving it and correct your mistakes.

  1. Call recordings provide valuable information

By recording calls, you can determine the major problems your customers might be facing. Similarly, what products are in demand and what services they require? Consequently, you will be able to upgrade your business plan and make appropriate changes in your services. If particular products are not selling well, you can improve your marketing strategies and focus on them.

Final words

From the above discussion, you should be convinced now that call tracking is an important tool for your business. Today, the dynamics of marketing have completely changed. Therefore, it is ever so important to continuously upgrade your marketing strategies to better understand your target audience and sell your services.

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