Casinos In India

Top 5 Casinos In India

Gambling games are the most chosen leisure time activity for people all around the world. Talking about India, there are about twenty to twenty-five casinos all around the world. This is because India has introduced a strict gambling law in some states. 

In many states, gambling has been considered illegal in India. Mainly the casinos in India can be found in either Sikkim or Goa. The gambling game has earned popularity in recent years and many casinos have been started. Here’s is the list of the top five casinos in India that you can visit anytime.

  • Casino Pride 

Casino Pride is one of the most popular casinos in India today which is located in Panaji Goa. You can feel the royalty and the luxuriousness in the place because of the extraordinary decor of the ambience. Casino pride has five casinos present there and also has been honoured with Indian Travel Awards.

You can play all sorts of games here like Poker, blackjack, roulette and slot machines. There are five-star luxury hotels that the place has to offer so that you can dine and enjoy with your friends. It is built on a cruise ship and is truly something that deserves a visit.

  • Deltin Royale Casino 

This extraordinary casino is owned by Delta Corp and is located in Panjim, Goa. This is one of the most renowned casinos in India that has its branches everywhere in India. Deltin Royale Casino covers over 40,000 sq. ft of area. 

Being the best casino of all time, the visitors get a chance to play live games and tournaments. It is famous for table games and slot machines. The place is built on a yacht and the visitors get a chance to enjoy live music and dance events. 

You get a chance to play games that include Texas hold’em poker, American roulette, Teen Patti, baccarat, blackjack, slot machines, and more. To admire the scenic beauty of the place you can also get into the sky bar-restaurant which is on the top of the yacht.

  • Deltin Caravela

Deltin Caravela is another well-known casino in India that is owned by Deltin Corps and is situated in Panaji, Goa. Thus the casino has been built on a yacht and the shape of the yacht is that of a dolphin which makes it look unique. The ambience and the interior of the place are extraordinarily decorated.

You also get complimentary drinks and food at the sky bar. There are live events like dance and music for the visitors that light up the night so that you do not get bored. 

The place has about 200 gaming positions and has both Indian and International games to offer. The games that the place has to offer include Roulette, baccarat,  blackjack, American roulette, Teen Patti and more.

  • Casino Mahjong

Casino Mahjong is located in Sikkim, India which is in the Mayfair Spa Resorts Gangtok. This casino is one of the most beautiful casinos in India as it is surrounded by green forest and mountains everywhere. 

Mayfair Spa Resort as well as the casino comes with a beautiful interior that is inspired by Sikkim’s colonial Architecture. The place offers a lot of things to do besides playing casinos and gambling games. 

The place is covered in the area of 7000 sq. ft and offers games like slot machines, roulette, baccarat, flush slot machines and a lot more.

  • Casino Carnival

Casino Carnival is located in Goa Marriott Resort and Spa. It is owned by Times Leisure LLP.So. It is a resort and a casino. The place is one of the best casinos in India to visit because many Indian and international celebrities come down here to perform.

One can definitely have a great time here. Different types of casino games can be played here which includes blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and Jackpots. To enter the casino one needs to pay Rs.1000 out of which Rs.500 is for the chip for you to play.

These casinos are the best ones in India that you can visit individually or along with your friends and family members.

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