Choosing a Long-Distance Moving Company

An Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Long-Distance Moving Company

While there are hundreds of long-distance moving companies, it is always good to have the necessary knowledge on how to get the right one.

An unreliable mover company will lead you to scams and lots of headaches along the way.

It is essential to find out more about a long-distance moving company as outlined in this guide.

Know What You Want

Depending on the number of items and the nature of goods you need to move, you can choose between full-service movers and container movers. If you like a do-it-yourself approach, you can go for container movers; they will leave a container at your home, pack everything yourself, and then transport the container through a track to the nearest cross-country movers. Full-service movers will just take all the duties to their side. And they will provide packing supplies, pack everything for you and provide you with different storage options.

Look for The Company’s Credentials

After you have arrived at the best mover, the next thing is to check their credentials, the services they offer, and their legitimacy. To verify this, you may want to know their department of transportation number and check for their mover license numbers through the federal motor carrier safety authority(FMCSA).

Also, find out whether the company has basic liability insurance. You should also look for their contact information and physical address. A long-distance moving company with accreditation, a better business bureau, membership with the American mover association, and good customer reviews is the best.

Check the industry awards the mover company has received and the additional liability insurance they offer. The company should also have long-term experience in your area and also experience in complex and long-distance moves.

Consider Your Budget

Companies will charge differently for the same services, so if you receive a quote that is probably higher than your estimate, feel free to negotiate the cost or look for another option. Extra benefits like packing, unpacking, storage, provision, and insurance will increase the relocating price.

To estimate the cost of your relocation, you will ask for a free quote from the moving company; they will request you to prepare a basic moving checklist to assess your cost. To get the correct quote remember to include the following details in your moving checklist; your home inventory, your moving date, the distance of your move, and the size of your home.

List any movement obstacles and state whether you use elevators or staircases. Also, list the particular items that require special services. Also, consider the cost efficiency as sometimes you may for a cheaper long-distance moving company, but you spend more than the initial amount. For instance, if you choose the do-it-yourself moves, you may pay more for packing supplies.

Also, if the moving company misses the delivery window, you may incur other costs to return the items to where they were designated. Some companies may also have hidden costs and extra fees.

Determine the Reliability of the Mover

Even as you rely on online customer reviews, various indications show a long-distance moving company is reliable. These signs include; timeliness in moving, good customer care communications, and a transparent contact process. The company should have a precise cost estimate and lower upfront costs. They should also be experienced in both local and long-distance moving.

The typical indications of bad movers are overcharges, a history of damage or loss of property, rude staff, and missing delivery windows. They may also ask for very high deposits. The company’s presence on social media platforms is a great way to confirm its reliability. Look at their recent accomplishments and customer testimonials. It is also essential to look for recent customer complaints and recommendations.

Consider The Company’s Cancellation Policy and Other Policies

In the fine print, it is advisable to look for policies such as when you can cancel your move and the fee involved. Find out whether the company reimburses the payment if they miss the delivery window and the factors that can increase your financial bill.


When looking for a long-distance moving company, it is good to know what you want, search for the company’s credentials, and consider your budget. Look at whether the company shows all signs of reliability and also pay attention to the policies of the company.

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