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Digital Marketing Tips from Marketing Legends, and What We Can Learn From It

Digital marketing is almost synonymous with marketing today. The more you introspect the world we live in, the deeper the roots of a digital lifestyle. Phones, laptops, TVs — we are living our lives one screen at a time.

But as a marketer, this is an advantage for you. Here are some of the wisest words about marketing. There is a little to learn from each of them.

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks. “– Neil Patel, SEO Guru.

Neil Patel is the first name that comes to mind if you have researched SEO online. A man of many achievements — New York Times best-selling author and listed as one of the best Marketers in the world.

He once famously said that it is very shallow to think of your marketing plans as one campaign at a time. Planning is the key to any marketing strategy. As someone who is marketing a brand, the message and narrative must not alter over time.

The voice of the brand, the tone, the content, and the schedule must be consistent. Consistency is what helps find new users and build a reliable name online. Companies must plan their long-term efforts and then make smaller campaigns to reach that goal.

Sure, you can use a YouTube intro maker and create a video in just a few minutes. But not knowing when to post this and why you are posting it means your brand has lost the basic growth framework. Click here for more info.

For example, having the right tools, outstanding talent, and business-vision are more integral than having a powerful photo-caption.  

Tell stories.” – Seth Godin, Best Selling Marketing Author.

It is subtle gems of wisdom like this that have made Seth Godin the most prominent digital marketing figure. Storytelling is not theatrics; it is the art of sharing stories to generate interest in your brand.

Yes, you can post posters, sales posts, and ads about your service or product. But that content will turn stale in a few weeks. People love social media and other digital platforms for the infinite scroll of stories.

These forms of content can be in multiple formats. For example, If you are a business selling sports goods online, a video about how you make products will generate more buzz than a post saying, “Buy my shoes.”

The advanced online video platforms like VideoCreek have made it easy to make these videos. They have pre-made templates to replace your logo and generate amazing videos in a few minutes.

The moment you start looking for the right stories to share, your brand will achieve the credibility and the faith of new consumers. These posts, blogs, and videos make your look personal and authentic as a company.

“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.

Jeff Bezos has single-handedly revolutionized the way people purchase items today. As CEO of Amazon and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our times, Bezos believes that the online market space is the only market space.

He has always been an advocate of digital media and e-com sales. While half the world moves to online platforms, selling products is easier than ever before. Markets online are easily searchable and can target a very narrow niche.

People today have adapted to this change and are comfortable with the idea of home delivery. If you are a product-driven business, then e-com is the best outlet. Digital marketing also allows you to guide users to the online store directly.

Ecom company websites themselves are one part of the marketing strategy. Having a well-optimized website will automatically find users from search engines.

“If the content is king, then conversion is queen.” – John Munsell, Serial entrepreneur.

The internet has two types of users, the creators, and consumers. As a business, you must work towards being a creator. Right? Well, not really.

Social media has redefined the way we look at sales and marketing. Marketers are not more just yelling information to people; the idea is to earn engagements and impressions. The best way to do this is through conversations.

We find it very fascinating when two airlines try to out-wit each other on Twitter. This is because conversations are the crux of social media. It is more about sparking a discussion and less about forcing your sales post.

The other platforms, like Quora and Reddit, have made this more apparent. The top players on these forums are those who can generate a buzz and stir up the discussions. It is an excellent way to discover new users and communicate with the ideal niche market.

“In the time it took you to read this sentence, 20m emails have been sent.” – John Watton, Tech Market, London

John Watton has been a marketer for over 25 years. He stated this quote in his blog about Email Marketing.

Many brands consider the email as an antiquated form of marketing and often ignore its use. In reality, email marketing is more than just a convincing communication prerequisite.

A majority of the purchasing power lies with people who work in offices. Many of these users do not use social media regularly. They merely see it as a recreation source at the end of the day or between work. But the email-tab is always open.

Emails are the only acceptable form of distraction that most offices encourage. A well-crafted newsletter with a thought-provoking subject line can do wonders for your business. An email can give elaborate details and sell more than one heading at a time.

Emails are low-cost mediums, need minimal skills to execute, and help reach an enormous volume of users in a single attempt. They are not restricted by country-specific laws — making it a global platform.

Final Thoughts

A cause among all the thoughts we spoke about above is consistent. Be it E-com marketing or email marketing — nothing is achievable without long-term efforts. Some might see success in one method, while others don’t. Marketing is a game of trial and error. It is only about determining that ideal strategy that works for you and your brand.

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