Discount Corn Cob Bulb

Discount Corn Cob Bulb : A New Type of Lighting

When you talk about the discount corn cob bulb, you mean the assembly of (LEDs) light-emitting diodes on the metal structure.These bulbs bear the superficial resemblance to the cob of corn, bearing that name. They look a bit like the traditional light bulbs and have small light-emitting fixtures rather than a filament and a lamp.Although these bulbs may seem strange, they are specifically designed to provide various benefits to users of high-intensity discharge lamps, such as high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.

They are an excellent option for lighting because they’re very versatile. You can use these discount corn cob bulbs indoors and outdoors because they produce natural, warm, cold, and cool white light, making them perfect for different settings. These discount corn cob bulbs are perfect for different environments where good visibility is required, and adaptability makes it a perfect alternative for retrofit projects. This is because they produce a very bright 360 degrees of light. They are widely used in supermarkets, hotels,homes, hospitals, streets and gardens, and many other places.

Advantages of discount corn cob bulb

Energy efficiency

The important thing about the discount corn cob bulbs is that they are energy efficient. Typically, this has made them attractive to homeowners as they blow out energy from light-emitting diodes.This has made them more efficient than HID bulbs because HIDs use much more energy when lighting a particular area. On many occasions, they are considered because you pay once for a replacement, and then you will be leaping energy savings for long.

They are cool

The exciting thing about these discount corn cob bulbs is that their bulbs are cool.Compared to the HID lamps that can produce a substantial amount of heat during combustion, these bulbs produce very little. They produce heat, but it is far from being produced by similar HID lamps. Why do you consider things? You can use them in a factory or warehouse since they reduce energy costs and save on the cooling costs in summer. They saved more on a different organization when it comes to the cooling costs after replacing the bulbs and can achieve the same result.

Comparable and superior bright

If you are a customer and want to buy apples, you can compare them or ask for customer service to get more information. With the discount corn cob bulbs, they are unique, which makes them compared with others. Also, they are brighter than HID bulbs and are meant to be replaced. This means you can get the same light output at a fraction of the energy cost.

Stay bright for long

Another thing to note about the discount corn cob bulbs is that they stay bright for a long time than HID bulbs. Not only do they exceed or match the light output, but they often stay brighter for longer as well. In contrast, HID bulbs lose their brightness as soon as you turn them on.

Long lifespan

After all, the fact is that the discount corn cob bulbs will last much longer than HIDs. These bulbs are known for lasting fora long. Switching to these bulbs will allow you to last longer without having to turn off the light bulbs in the future. This can save not only money but also time.

The following are factors to consider when choosing the best discount corn cob bulb


Wattage means the measure of the amount of energy the bulb uses. The best discount corn cob bulbs are the ones that use fewer watts to emit a similar amount of brightness. Dueto this, they not only help to reduce energy costs but also reduce electricity costs.

Color temperature

The color temperature refers to the color appearance of light, which comes from the light source. This is an important feature used to evaluate the bulbs, as the color temperature determines the space mood you’re lighting and therefore affecting purchasing behavior or performance at work. You measure the apparent color of the light source using Kelvin. When the temperature is high, the light will be white. There are several colors, which you can choose from, but the popular one is white or blue.


With the discount corn cob bulbs, buying lumens is crucial than watts which choosing these bulbs. Although wattage measure the amount of energy needed to illuminate products, lumens are known for measuring the amount of light, which is produced. Typically, this means that if the product has amore significant number of lumens, the light source will be bright. Instead of buying the products based on energy consumption (watts), consumers need to consider the amount of light they produce (lumens).


The dimming of discount corn cob bulbs offers the same flexibility and control that you would expect from these types of bulbs. With many technology improvements, it’s easier to find the right energy-efficient replacement option suitable for the dimming system. You save more energy and significantly reduce the electricity bill by obtaining the required amount of light you want with dimmable discount corn cob bulbs. Also,the customers use these dimmers for the track lighting with the desired ambient light levels required, but the dimmed light is setting desirable.

Wet location lighting

If you are going to place your corn cob bulbs near, or indoors or outdoors, where water or other liquids can drip onto electrical components, the wet location lighting is very crucial to consider. The wet location lighting fixtures offer exceptional protection against moisture. This is important if you want to place the discount corn cob bulbs in a location exposed to rain, moisture, or any other damp location.


If you are looking for bulbs that perform best in all directions for maximum light distribution, the discount corn cob bulbs are the best solution. They are designed to provide more focused and diffused light from all angles, ensuring the best possible performance.Also, they have a light-emitting diode that provides maximum output in the energy-efficient package. The best thing about these bulbs is that they use less energy to produce greater lumens than other lamps.This makes many people buy them. Also, they have factors you need to consider when buying them.

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