Signs That Your Family Doesn't Care About You

Signs That Your Family Doesn’t Care About You

There are times when we need someone beside us so that we deal with the fights of our lives courageously. Family is supposed to be the only relation in the world that is pure and genuine before any other. 

However, all of us are not so lucky to have a friendly, supportive, or a caring family. And when that does happen, the life of that individual becomes painful. 

If you are dealing with some kind of personal issue and not getting any help from your family members, then you are in the right place. We’ll tell you about the signs that your family doesn’t care about you. 

  • Ignoring the boundaries 

It is important to have certain kinds of boundaries between people and us to maintain a healthy relation, isn’t that true? There are many things like the signals and borders and the stop signs that help others to understand what you wish to accept and what you do not like. 

If your family doesn’t care about you, you will find them taking these boundaries lightly and ignoring them. They will never respect your personal space.

  • Invalidating your feelings and emotions

If your family does not bother about you or care about you then you will find them being selfish. They will always prioritize their feelings and emotions, the expectations they have from you and many more things. 

They will constantly be un-bothered about your feelings and emotions, and they will try to invalidate them once you have shared something with them. 

You will also find them judging you and feel yourself regretting that you opened up in front of them.

  • They will ignore your needs

We, humans, have needs, it could be materialistic and non-materialistic. We may need something urgently because it makes us anxious or miserable when we don’t get it right away. We may want our family to respect our personal space and our peace of mind. 

If your family doesn’t care about you, they’ll ignore your needs and wants. In this case, it is better to communicate with them and tell them what you want.

  • You will feel unwanted

If your family doesn’t care about you, you will always feel unwanted. For example, they will leave you out on family events or while having some important discussions where you think your presence should be counted. 

Moreover, you’ll find them forgetting your special days like your birthday, and not celebrating it, or being a part of it. 

  • Cancel plans with you

When a person feels ignored in the beginning, he or she tries to put some effort and stick with the members of the family. Later the person becomes used to it, and it starts killing them from inside. 

If you find your family members cancelling plans with you unless it is an emergency then it surely means that you are not their first priority. It is better to distance yourself in this case to protect yourself.

  • You’ll face criticism 

Family means your biggest supporters of all time. If your family does not care for you then you will find them criticizing you every time. 

They will judge you for the things you do, they will try to pull out wrong in everything you do and try to put you down always. 

They will never help you to grow. You will feel unappreciated for the things you do and the effort you put in. 

  • They’ll compete with you.

Family means something where you do not have to force yourself to fit in. If you have a family where you are always trying to force yourself to adjust with them or you have to constantly try to win their hearts but you fail each time, then it is the fact that they do not care. 

They’ll compete with you in everything you do and compare you too. If they constantly try to beat-up your achievements then they are really toxic and you need to maintain a distance. In conclusion, if you have a family that doesn’t help you or care about you, then you need to save yourself from them. Try to be on your own and seek help from people who support you and want to see you grow.

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