Evan Dombroski – Tips on Getting More Instagram Followers

When my friend Evan Dombroski first launched his influencer page on Instagram he had a real problem getting huge numbers of followers. At that time I was at a loose end and so I told him that I would help, his page was about fitness and I knew that this was a guy who really knew his stuff, so I was more than happy to help to see if he could find the fame I thought he could. After many months of trial and error, we finally found the best way to amass more followers. If this is something which you want to do, for your business or perhaps even just for yourself, here is how to go about it.

Quality Followers

The first lesson we learned was one of the most important, and that is it is always better to have high quality followers than large numbers. The number is about ego, it is the engagement and the interaction which gives you a high quality Insta page. Numbers are of course good, but only if those followers are good quality.

Quality Content

After a couple of months of trying, Evan decided that he would pay a professional video editor to give his videos a little extra. Those videos were just Evan speaking and offering advice, but once the video editor had finished with them they really popped off the screen. Within a week of doing this, engagement levels were at an all time high and that was when we recognized the fact that content is king.  Whatever content you post, you have to ensure that it is of the best possible quality that you are capable of.


People on Instagram love to be engaged with, they really enjoy that back and forth and this is exactly why you should always endeavor to speak with those who comment on your content. Remember that this is a community and if you want people to come to you, there has to be a reason why, be part of the community and engage with as many people as you can.


Hashtags are one of the best ways of bring more people to your page and amassing more followers. Unlike other social media sites, users can actually follow hashtags and that is a great way of giving visibility to your page. Every time that you produce content, be sure to load it up with hashtags to try and reach as many people as you possibly can.

Topical Posting

If there is a trending topic and you have some content which relates to it, get that content reshaped and become part of the conversation. Chatting with people on a current topic is a great way to introduce them to who and what you are. The reason why content matters is because bring people to the page is one thing, but getting them to then follow is another entirely and that will depend on the quality of your profile.

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