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FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR NAILS: 6 Stunning Nail Art Styles That Will Give You Bliss!

Your nails are delicate and precious. There’s nothing like them throughout your whole body, and their functions are unquestionably distinct in many ways. You always aim to keep them hygienic, clean and healthy because it can get dirty often due to the things you hold and they get in contact with. 

Part of keeping your nails neat, you want them to look beautiful, pleasant and attractive. Putting nail polish is the way you make them be that. Adding colors to them absolutely makes them look livelier and lovely! What’s more amazing is that it does not just end with the simple and plain colors! The nail care industry’s flexibility and continuous innovation have leveled up with nail art features. 

You can do your own nail art, but it will be easier and better if you visit a nail salon or a beauty therapy center. Regardless of what you choose, there are loads of design options for nail art! They are all so amazing and fun to look at! For some really alluring ideas, below are 6 nail art styles you should check out and consider!


#1: Oh My, OMBRE!

One color for your nail polish might be your usual style, but definitely, there are times when you get stuck in choosing between two or three shades of the same color. Worry no more! Ombre colors got you! 

This style is just so amazing because it gives your nails some kind of elevated look. Your basic manicure becomes more emphasized and shaped up. You have three or more shades of the color you want. From darkest to lightest or vice versa as you desire. 

If not just one color, you can also use more than a single color. This makes it easier for you to solve your color selection dilemmas. At the same time, you can have your two favorite colors next to each other without leaving the other! What’s more, when you have these ombre colors, your nails have a different kind of glow and luster. 

The intensity of the ombre color depends on you. For the photo above, light colors are used together with a coating so the nails look gentle and very elegant. If you’re into more vibrant or dark colors and diversity, you can get them, but make sure the color combinations perfectly suit your nails. Check out the photo below for an example of a more colorful and darker ombre nails. 

Source – Pinterest – Plum Ombre Nails



Source – WoW Amazing – Dino nail art


Your nails can actually say a lot about the kind of person that you are! On the other hand, you yourself can use them to tell a story through nail art design. You can make use of every fingernail to complete a sentence, a word or even an image. It is surely artistic and unique!

You can have your life motto, favorite Bible verse, a part of a song or poem, the name of someone you love or simply your own name written on your nails! It’s exciting since it’s your call! You can be as creative as you want. This style is best for you as well if you love customizing stuff. Now, you can do that to your own nails!

For the photo above, the 5 fingernails when put close to each other in a half-closed fist, a silhouette of a T-rex is formed. Entertaining for those who will see your nails, you can be proud with the ideas you have! The photo below, the word “love” is connected by two nails, while the rest are designs related to it. 

Pexels – Designecologist



Source – YouTube – newspaper nail art

Something with words again but very much different, the newspaper print nail art design is loved by many since it looks awesome! The newspaper portion does not really matter, but if you have a certain news, probably a good news, which you want to have on your nails, then that’d be really great!  

If ever your achievement got included in the newspapers or in school magazines, you can get an extra copy you’re willing to sacrifice for some parts to be put on your nails. If there’s something remarkable, it could be your choice, but you can actually have just any newspaper. 

The usual color is white or dirty white to make the impression of an actual newspaper. You can have other colors too and put some other designs with them. 

For an even more catchy nail look, you can try the one below. A burnt newspaper style will shock your friends thinking your nails have a problem, but nope, it’s just some cool art! 

Source – Pinterest – Burnt Newspaper Nail Art



Source – Tumblr – Holographic nail art

Want something that will literally be bright, blinding and beautiful? Go for the holographic nail art! This fabulous style is rare and sought-after because it’s scintillating in a very stunning way. Common colors include a mix of pink, purple and silver but there could be other colors too such as black and gold.

With holographic nail art, you get that hippie modern glitz right on your dear nails. 

The photo below is a green holographic nail art topped with some round and star-shaped stickers for more details. 

Source – OSTTY – Green Holographic Nail Art



Probably one of the most expensive nail art styles is that with a combination of glitters and gems. Well, the stones make it more pricey, but they make your nails extremely gorgeous and eye-catching!

There are small and big gems you can choose from. Moreover, it’s up to you if you want to fill your nails with gems or just some tips of them. They make your nails dazzle and shout glamour! Glittered and gemmed nails will be your best friends when it comes to fash! 

Source – Pinterest – Gems and Glitters Nail Art



Source – Nail Art Gallery Nails Mag – Barbie Nail Art

One of the hardest styles to do is the cartoon character nail art. It is, however, fun and fantastic! There are nail stickers for this, but you can do it manually as well (which is more difficult since you have to see to it that you’re painting the characters accurately).

For the Barbie nail art above, you can see that it has gems as well since Barbie is that girly and stylish character that girls definitely love! Its pink color and shades is exactly Barbie’s color. 

You can have your childhood favorites on your nails! Bring back memories and enjoy looking at them through your own hands. Although challenging, it’s nice if you put a different character per nail (just like the next photo). Furthermore, you can choose one character and put its significant symbols on your nails. It also applies if you just want little details about that character. 

Source – Chalkboard Nails – Super Mario Nail Art





Undeniably, it is not a piece of cake to execute nail art, but you can watch online video tutorials. If you’re more serious about learning it or starting up a little business from it, there are short beauty courses you may take. There are vast beauty therapy courses you can also count on for deeper learning and training. It can help not only in the nail industry and nail care courses but also in other branches of beauty therapy courses! 

Having nails with these and more astonishing nail art styles is interesting, desirable and just delightful, but know that it takes responsibility too. Taking care of them is crucial because if not, they can get destroyed. Do not irresponsibly rub or scratch your nail art on surfaces, especially the rough ones. If you want these beautiful nail arts to last longer in theIR best look, keep in mind that you must be gentle and careful.  

Nail art is truly fascinating and creative! It’s not called “art” for nothing! 


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore values hygiene and health that come along with loveliness. She writes about them as well as the significance of and the chief courses a good beauty school has for those who want to delve deeper into the beauty industry. Nicole is a daytime writer for MD College of Australia, a Registered Training Organisation delivering quality education and training in fields under the Beauty Industry.  | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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