Fun ideas to celebrate the First Birthday

Fun ideas to celebrate the First Birthday

Congratulations, daddy, and mommy! Because we all know that the first birthday is always a fantastic day, he is still a baby but heck as he has changed, how great he is, I can’t believe it, it’s been a year.

Enjoy this great day with your baby in an extraordinary way since one year is an achievement, an adventure, and a unique moment. I propose ideas to make your first birthday unique, unforgettable and dedicated to him or her because they are the birthday, and they deserve it.

Good morning with a Happy Birthday! Surprise your baby by saying good morning and celebrating his birthday with a bunch of helium balloons and enjoy his smile for a long time.

The pool of balloons

Or instead, cradle with balloons. Fill the crib with lots of balloons and put on a fun birthday hat.

Summer party

 If you agree in summer, a plastic pool with plastic balls is another fun alternative for your first birthday.


As most do not walk yet, it is fun to put an alternative of chairs for some beautiful pictures. On the first birthday, birthdays with the theme hot air balloons triumph … there are incredible parties.


A blackboard, chalk and write whatever you want. You will have beautiful photos perfect for social networks or to remember your first birthday.

The baby bible

Buy a large card and write on the sides: what you measure and weigh, the food you like, your favorite games, what you don’t like, etc … and you will have an excellent summary always to remember those little details of your first year.

Remember when you were born

It can’t be easier, take a picture of when he was born, and take a picture with that same picture. How has it changed?

Your wildest side 

 A little tipi is an excellent idea for the first birthday because they love being on the floor, they will have their little corner to open their gifts, and they are up to date.


 Even if you’re only one year old, it can also be fashionable Buy a summer inflatable where you can sit and enjoy your first summer.


 Babies love to be on the floor, so it is a perfect party to organize a picnic and surround the carpet with cheerful balloons or with a beautiful garland.

The first photocall for them 

  Be inspired by these ideas to organize a beautiful decoration to celebrate your first birthday.

Because they are the Kings

Do not forget the crown, be it paper, cloth, or flowers. A queen always gives a more festive touch.

And enjoy and taste the cake

Look at such funny and beautiful photos enjoying the cake — a delight of photos.

A good birthday party will be a source of joy for the family and parents. Besides, the baby should notice that something unusual is happening related to him, although it is not worth overwhelming him. Do you know how to celebrate your 1st birthday party?

What party to celebrate?

  • Avoid excessive tumult, parties with clowns. Those things like older children, but they scare one so small.
  • We must protect you from the achuchones, deafening noises, and tobacco smoke. A baby of this age, taken out of his daily routine, can become overexcited and become unbearable. He must be the center but surrounded by familiar faces. It is better than the mother or father has him in his arms so that he feels protected.
  • Do not fool yourself: you don’t know what your birthday is, you can get scared with the flash, and you don’t know how to blow out a candle. He doesn’t look forward to the party, nor will he remember it.
  • Still, these parties are important to them. It is very stimulating to feel the center of attention.
  • The gifts show them that they are loved. Of course, it is not convenient to give many, since at this age they need a few toys. Therefore, it is a good idea to make a list and make a proposal to the guests before the day of the party.

Remember that

Any colored doll will make you more excited than an expensive toy and that when you open the third gift, you will have forgotten the first. To get their attention, contributions must be like ornaments: large and striking.

As for the cake, with one year you can eat everything. Let him try the cake, although he will enjoy more soothering a cookie or a piece of bread, so it is better to reserve the cake for the elderly. With only three helium balloons, some strips and some letters, and what a chic photo you’ll have.

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