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The internet domain is so vast that you cannot easily connect the dots of its creation. Ever since its introduction, it has offered endless benefits to anyone and everyone accessing it. Over the years, people have turned to the internet to satisfy their curiosities and also purchase products and services. This was when businesses started to fight for their place to be more visible than their competitors and be the first option to their target audience.

Suppose you are a small business and want to reach the higher ranks and fight among the bigger companies. In that case, a reliable and effective tool that can immediately boost your business should be your first priority. If you are unaware of the perfect tool suitable to your requirements, let us introduce you to PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads.

You may have noticed that when you browse a search engine, the top results seem to have an ‘ad’ written next to them. Well, this is precisely what PPC does. Most of the users settle for the searches that rank in the top 4 results; thus, with the help of the best pay per click ads management agency, you can advertise your business and only pay for each click your campaign receives.

Rather than going the lengthier approach and becoming buried deeper in the search engine, marketing your business effectively can always do the trick of generating fast results rather than delaying by using longer-term techniques.

Least Common Facts About PPC

The common knowledge about PPC is derived from understanding and dissecting the meaning of its name. However, there are more unexplored facts about PPC that you, as a businessman, must know to advance your marketing strategies. So, here is a list of important and undiscovered PPC facts you must know.

#Fact 1- Google drives most of their searches of paid ads from mobile

We can now estimate a handful of people who may not own a smartphone. Accessing products and services is only a click away. So, designing your website to suit the size of every mobile shape should be your top priority. The number of clicks paid ads receive is mostly from searches made through phones.

#Fact 2- Remarketing proves to increase conversion rates

Sometimes it may seem useless to remarket your strategy considering the CTR rates can decline at times. But the increase in conversion rates by remarketing your advertisement can prove otherwise.

#Fact 3- More than 50% of users who click on PPC ads end up contacting the advertiser

Get your phones ready because you can get a call from your ad visitors anytime. Users are more than likely to contact the advertiser of the paid ads if the ad provides eye-catching details and offers that can suit the user’s likes. In that case, you must be ready to pick up that call and ensure the user converts.

#Fact 4- Keep your eye on the top 3 spots

The expression ‘first come, first served’ can be rephrased as ‘first listed, first clicked’ in the case of search engines. Unlike in the earlier days of Google, users tend to find their desired result on the first page itself, and if impatient, in the first three results. With PPC, you must ensure your advertisement ranked amongst the top 3 searches to rack as many engagements and conversions as possible.

#Fact 5- Negative Keywords hold Importance

This may seem unbelievable, but negative keywords like ‘cheap’ and ‘free’ can help you shape your audience and efficiently generate reliable leads. There are records of campaigns that have seen improved conversion rates by effectively using negative keywords.

#Fact 6- PPC is not affected by the changes in the algorithm

Good news! PPC remains constant even with changes in the algorithm. You must concentrate on how your PPC will affect your audiences on the search engine. Even if it technically changes its algorithm, your PPC ad will remain unaffected.


The opportunities for people to start and grow their businesses online are infinite. You can launch your business and marketing strategies on the search engine today and become the next day’s buzz of the week. If you are a business trying to enter the digital realm utilising PPC, then you have made the right choice.

PPC is suitable for businesses of any type, and yes, yours too. It helps you become visible instantly and generate quality sales leads in no time. If you wish, you can also measure your impact with your paid ads and track the changes accordingly.

Do you want your failing business to do a 180 and experience immediate results? Then implementing PPC can help you achieve that goal in days, minutes and sometimes even seconds!

Here are the key benefits of PPC for your business.


Are you finding it difficult to get through the steps of PPC or see the conversions you desire? Then you lack professional assistance in PPC. But don’t let that stop you because you can get all that you are looking for at Telsa Media.

We are a professional digital marketing company that offers specialised assistance to each client per their requirements. By outsourcing your paid campaigns with us, you can experience instant changes in your business growth and achieve the goals that were stagnating.

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