Storm Damage

What to Do if Your Home Has Storm Damage

So far in 2022, the U.S. has suffered from 15 major storms, leading to losses of over $1 billion in damages. You may not know when one of these storms may strike but you can be ready to fix the damage when it occurs.

So, if your home has been a victim of storm damage you should know what to do.

Start by reading this guide.

Home Has Storm Damage

Find a Safe Place to Stay

After a storm, the most important first step is to get to safety. You may need to leave your home if the structure is not secure. For instance, you should leave your home if a tree has fallen on your roof, windows are broken with glass on the ground, or electrical wiring is exposed. Then find a place to stay until the damage can be evaluated.

Take Photos of Visual Damages

You can take your own photos of the damage done to your home if it is safe. Otherwise only take photos from a distance.

Show these images to your insurance claims adjuster to assess the cost of damage.

Call Your Insurance Company

You will need to speak with your insurance company about your storm-damaged home. They will send someone to inspect your home and create a claims report.

They calculate the damage from the storm and decide what is covered under your insurance policy. For example, roof damage may be covered, however, damage caused by flooding usually isn’t unless you have specific flood insurance.

Wait for Your Claim Approval

You need to wait for your claim to be approved before you know how much money you will receive. So, that roof repair will need to wait if you don’t want to pay out of pocket or pay more than your claim covers.

This can take some time since insurance companies may try to prove that some or all of the damage wasn’t due to a storm or existed before.

Prevent Further Damage

While waiting for your claim approval, you can prevent further damage to your home.

Cover holes in the roof with a tarp. Remove any debris that could be a hazard. However, never move large items or go onto your roof if conditions aren’t safe. These tasks must be done by a professional.

Hire a Contractor

Once you get your insurance money then you should call professional repair services like County Action Restoration. These contractors specialize in water and mold removal, roof repair, and tree cutting to make your home safe again.

Be sure to speak with contractors before signing an agreement. You want to make sure that they can fix all the damage caused by the storm. 

Being Prepared for Storm Damage

If you have suffered from storm damage before then you know how stressful working with insurance companies can be. Therefore, try to protect your home by inspecting your roof regularly for loose areas and investing in storm windows to limit damage during a storm.

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