How Is Google Search Affecting Our Intelligence

How Is Google Search Affecting Our Intelligence?

As technology has been in continuous evolution, access to information has been quite convenient. If you are asked a tricky question in today’s digital era, you won’t think a moment of it and Google it! You don’t have to wait up for someone to answer your questions or concerns.

Thanks to technology, that you can find the facts and figures accurately via the internet. The Internet has a direct impact on our intelligence. We have somehow become dependent on the Internet to search for our queries and concerns. To get the most exciting Mens Distressed Brown Leather Jacket, you can always rely on Abbraci. So, in your opinion, is Google search a blessing or a threat to our intelligence?

Google search and our brain

We are literally addicted to the Internet nowadays. Whether it be a question or an opinion, we are always relying on Google search. The top results on Google search intimidate us and inspire us actively. We believe in the facts provided by Google.

Today’s generation cannot imagine their lives without the instant use of the internet. Be it assignments, quizzes or interviews, Google search always has our back. As the internet has an immense impact on our brains, you might find the below-mentioned facts quite interesting of how the internet is affecting our brains. Have a read:

1.    We don’t care to remember

Despite being a quick learner, we do not care to remember stuff. We are so dependent on the Internet, that having things bookmarked and saved on our search engines is the ultimate source of gathering information. We cannot afford to lose data from our smartphones. Since we have the facility to access information on Google search instantly, we prefer not to focus on things. We cannot recall information because we have a capable search engine.

2.    We are getting addicted to technology

Technology dares to addict us! Even if we have been disconnected from our device, we have the urge to surf and scroll down the internet. We have become physically addicted to the Internet which is the primary reason for having health and mental concerns. We crave to use internet 24/7. Instead of cherishing nature, we prefer to stay indoors and relax while using our smartphones and tabs.

3.    We are dependent on the Internet

We are so sure of finding the information on the internet, that if we don’t, we believe that it doesn’t exist. Since we cannot remember all the facts and figures, we are intimidated by the Internet, that we rely on Google search for every concern. We have circulated the habit of finding information on the internet through multiple searches and attempts. Our brain knows where to find information on the Internet.

4.    Our IQ is getting better

Gradually with the use of the Internet, our IQ is increasing. After using several social apps on the Internet, the generation has become aware of the consequences that can be caused. Do you think that your IQ has increased because of the Internet? Why not? As much information that we encounter every day on the Internet dares to influence our brain. We are getting smarter because of the Internet.

5.    We are lacking creativity

Due to the excessive use of the Internet, we have compromised our creativity. Creativity comes from a person who knows how to explore and think out of the box. Nowadays, we are so dependent on the Internet that we have left that ability to think and brainstorming way behind. We use Google search right away and limit the thinking process for ourselves.

6.    We are becoming power browsers

Instead of learning and visualizing information on the Internet, we are behaving as power browsers. We do not read the entire article or a topic, and we scan the bullet points, titles, and information that stands out in bold and underlined patterns. We are losing our capability of focusing on a topic with attention. A lack of focus can increase the risk of disruption of work and family time.

As search engines have made our lives easier, on the same hand, excessive use of the Internet will certainly negatively affect our personalities and brain. We have become highly dependent on the Internet and search engines. Rather than thinking about the solutions and calculating the risk factors of a concern, we immediately seek help from Google search. This is where we limit our minds from creativity. Thus, the impact of Google search on our intelligence is risky and real.

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