How Long Does A Crush Last

How Long Does A Crush Last?

Ever got butterflies fluttering in your tummy on seeing someone? Or maybe the thought of someone sending gushes on your cheeks? Well, we have all definitely gone through that phase when we have stolen glances at someone and felt like there is none better than that person. 

A crush can be more precisely defined as intense and romantic feelings for someone without having a fair idea of them personally. Crushes are most often based on physical aspects and as a result, people have very limited knowledge about their personality. 

Usually, people who have a crush fantasize or imagine themselves in mushy situations with the people they develop feelings for. 

However, not very often do we see that this crush develops into something stronger or intense. People usually get over with it and move on with their lives. 

There are multiple factors at play which deduces how long a crush might linger although it must be remembered that every human being is different and therefore the dealing tactic of each individual is unique as well.

  • The intensity of the feelings 

Most often in our day to day lives, we do come across people for whom we develop a momentary attraction. However, we do not always pursue those feelings and as time passes we move on with our frenzied lives and forget about those feelings. 

These feelings which are not that intense can easily be gotten over with and the person does not face any to bare minimum emotional upheaval. Feelings which are strong and intense are more difficult to cope with as they alter our emotional being and get embedded in our system.

  • Reciprocation 

It is not necessary and extremely plausible that the person for whom one develops a feeling likes them back or has any sort of feelings for them. In most cases, this acts as a major bummer and negative reciprocation leads to gradual moving on with life. 

Therefore it can be deduced that when there are no reciprocation people usually take that as a hint and generally get over with the crush. However, if there is some reciprocation from the other end, then the feelings get more consolidated and as a result, the duration of a crush may last longer.

  • Being known

There is a saying that whatever is out of sight is out of mind. We can say that if a person is not in front of your eyes for most of the time or even does not know about your existence then chances are that the crush will not last forever. 

For eg., all of us had crushes on celebrity stars but very often we see that it doesn’t stay stable either. One day we might like someone and the next day it might change. 

Therefore the duration for which a crush might last may depend on this as well if your crush knows about you.

  • Rejection 

This might be the most heartbreaking but yet accurate measure to know how much more the crush will last. Very often we see that if our crush rejects or dismisses our feelings, we develop mixed emotions of hatred, anger and disappointment towards that person. 

In that case, we make it a point to move forth from that relationship and invest our time and energy in something more fruitful and productive. 

However, if there is acceptance from the other end, then the crush gets more intense which might lead to more severe emotional attachments. 

The idea of having a crush is not unknown to any of us and at some juncture, in our lives, we definitely have gone through this phase. It could have been a friend, a teacher,  celebrity or even someone from your favourite Comic Series!!!  

However, there is a fine line between crush and obsession. We have to make it a point to know where to draw the line and to accept rejection (if any) sportingly. 

Although the duration of a crush varies from person to person as well as through situations,  relationship psychologists have put forward research that indicates that crushes do last for a minimum of 4 months in the majority of cases. 

The feeling of having a crush is beautiful and therefore we should enjoy it rather than weighing the pros and cons and accept the rejection and acceptance wholeheartedly.

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