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How Responsive Web Design Can Enable Your SEO Rankings

These days, most of your consumers are captivated with the use of smartphone and tablets. And that isn’t altering any time soon. In this setting, Responsive Website Designing Services and browser compatibility in a website are no longer a form of any advancement. Instead, they have turned a benchmark and needs to be an integral part of your SEO strategy for enabling your Google rankings.

Needs for Responsive Web Design

The world of the web has progressed at a far-fetched rate in the past years. Surrounded by multiple alterations, the modernizations are seen. Mobile responsive website and mobile-based web browsing have overtaken the use of desktops as the device of foremost preference by users. Not only young but even people of other age groups are switching to smartphone usage compared to the use of desktops.

How Google Influences Mobile Responsive Website Design

Google is being shaped for different category of users who explore and search on the web. In a space where those diverse users are way into online platforms through mobile devices, Google is working accordingly. These are the reasons why Google is favoring those web portals that meet the requirements or needs of users.

If you want to seek out the best SEO outcomes from switching to mobile responsive design, here are six reasons behind the move.

Easy Navigation of your Website

Responsive web design turns your website easy to navigate visitors and also increases the rate of readability. The outcome is a superior user experience and characteristically more time spent on the site.

Excellent usability scores improve the flow of new as well as repeat visitors with a boost in conversions. A mobile responsive website is now elementary to valuable user experience, and Google is rewarding websites that enable users with such an experience. Even a Responsive website design company can assist you with usability scores and get better on user experiences.

Boost in Customer Journey and Experience

Customer journey and customer experience help in business planning. And now, mobile responsive design is the groundwork upon which all these experiences rely.

So, the reality is that by boosting website usability via responsive design not only helps users but is even rewarded by Google with healthier SEO rankings.

Enhancement in Website Swiftness

As per research in technology, online users anticipate websites to load quickly. If your site takes somewhat longer time, you have got an issue to solve. The users don’t like to wait when they are searching and are on the go.

By having a responsive web design, you can ensure your website speed is swift on any device or browser. Without massive files on your web portal, Google can provide a better loading speed which will further boost your website traffic and help in SEO rankings.

Reducing and Lowering your Bounce Rate

The number of times visitors visit an individual website page on your portal before leaving is termed as your bounce rate. Further, Google crawls sites to track the bounce rate and affects your SEO-based rankings accordingly.

Un-responsive website design is the primary reason for a high bounce rate. With responsive design components in your website can ensure that your visitors stick to your portal for a longer time boosting the conversions.

Boost in Social Media Engagements

Each website owner markets its services and products intending to get its content go viral on different social media sites. Although, if your users share content on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter and can’t get through the content on their mobile devices, it will lead to a breakdown. As 70 to 80 percent of social media engagements come through mobile devices. So, if you don’t possess a responsive web design, you won’t be able to get pleasure from the SEO advantages.

Google Backs and Benefits Mobile-Friendly Websites 

Google modified and brought changes to some of its algorithms sometime back, which stated mobile-friendliness as a ranking pointer on SERPs.

This transformation followed the news that more than 60% of Google searches come from Mobile-based devices, like smartphones. And mobile searches are likely to prolong over the subsequent years. So, it is highly required to adapt your website to be mobile responsive, which can further enhance your SEO rankings.

Key Takeaways

So when Google boosts website portals that have Responsive Web Design on the search result pages, it has turned must for all the websites. So, you can take help from a Responsive Website Design company which can enable your current or new website with responsive functionalities.

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