How to Add Product Category in Woocommerce

How to Add Product Category in Woocommerce?

Launched on September 27, 2011, Woocommerce is an open-source plugin for e-commerce for WordPress. It became very popular because of its simplicity to install and use. 

Woocommerce was first developed by Mike Jolley and James Koster at Woothemes (A WordPress theme developer). In 2020, it became Woocommerce. As per the statistics, approximately 3.9 million websites all over the world use the Woocommerce plugin. 

Due to the increase in E-Commerce usage, Woocommerce has observed more than 40 Million downloads from the plugin. Statistics show that Woocommerce accounts for approximately 10 billion dollar sales worldwide in 2017 alone. 

The woocommerce has a few extensions which are popular like woocommerce bookings (Through this extension people can book appointments) or woocommerce memberships (With this extension, you can restrict certain parts of your website and can sell access to those parts at a certain price).

Categorization of products is the best option to de-clutter the products available in your woocommerce shop and guide users to the product they are looking for. 

Woocommerce can easily group similar kinds of products under a category.

Types of Product Categories 

There are different types of Product Categories available on Woocommerce for you to choose from. Based on what you are selling you can choose from the below options;

  1. Simple Product 
  2. Grouped Product 
  3. Affiliate Product
  4. Variable Product

If you are selling free size hoodies, you may select a simple product. In case of a combo offer grouped product can be selected. If you are linking external sites to place orders, choose affiliate products. In the case of a product available with multiple colour or size options, a variable product can be selected.

Furthermore, if your product is virtual like the music you can select the virtual option along with the downloadable option.

Steps to Add Product Categories

As of now listing a product on woocommerce can be very much beneficial. There are certain steps you need to follow to add your product to woocommerce.


Visit the dashboard. Go to products and select categories.


On the left side of the panel, some Fields will be available (Name, Slug, Description, Parent, Thumbnail and Display Type) to be filled. In Name, mention the Product Category. Slug shows the URL for that Category. 

Parent shows if the category is a parent category or a sub-category. In a description, detailed information regarding the product category can be given.

Display type decides what Users can see on the category Page. Thumbnail supplies the Photos of the products under the category.


Click on the Add Product Category button.


In case a sub-category is required for a certain product type, this can be created in the same way a product category is created. Just uncheck the Parent option. For example, the shoe is the parent category and Adidas or Nike or Puma can be considered a sub-category. 


In case product categories need to be readjusted or reshuffled, the seller can simply drag the categories in the preferred order.


You are almost there at the end and now you need to add some images of the product for customers to see. Photos with great clarity are recommended for more appeal. 

While adding or editing the Product Categories, sellers can add Photos through the Thumbnail option. Click the Upload Button to add or update category pictures. Then Save the changes.


You are at the end now. Review everything you have added and hit the Publish button. That’s It.

Importance of  Product Category

Adding Product Category is a very important aspect of Selling Products online. Through product categories, a seller can choose many options or strategies they can opt for marketing and Sales. 

In case of products not getting sold, a seller can strategize the best course of action to increase the sell. It might include changing the products category. For example, a simple t-shirt is not getting sold on its own. 

In itself, it’s a simple product but a seller can add two more t-shirts and offer a certain discount to attract customers. In this case, the category will be changed to a grouped product. 

Concluding the topic…

Woocommerce is one of the best open-source plugins of WordPress which comes free, has multiple features, great security measures, offers Search Engine Optimization.

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