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How to Avoid a Hard Sell

How to Avoid a Hard Sell: 4 Home Buyer Turnoffs to Avoid

Planning to sell your house in the near future? Well, the good news is that a staggering 6 million homes get sold every year in the US, so there’s no shortage of potential buyers! The bad?

You can never guarantee a quick and easy sale- especially if you make certain mistakes along the way. Want to discover 4 home buyer turn offs to avoid in the bid to sell your house smoothly and swiftly? Keep reading!

How to Avoid a Hard Sell

1. Poor Kerb Appeal

A primary factor that influences a would-be buyer’s perception of your house is how it looks from the outside! Things like broken mailboxes, unkempt lawns, and poor paint jobs can all lead to a poor first impression. People see the outside of the property, notice the flaws and imperfections, and make assumptions about what the inside will be like too.

This alters their attitude (in a negative direction) from the outset. That initial perspective often sticks with buyers throughout the viewing, regardless of what they actually see, and impacts their willingness to make an offer.

2. Energy Inefficiency

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days! Whether it’s the solar panels on the roof, high-quality insulation in the attic, or triple-pane windows in each room, they’re all positive attributes as far as buyers are concerned. After all, added energy efficiency means financial savings down the line!

By the same token, though, a lack of energy efficiency is a big home buyer turnoff. Unwilling to pay extra on their utility bills (or upgrade the appliances and fixtures with their own hard-earned money), they may decide to look elsewhere.

3. Wear and Tear

Unless they’re in the business of flipping houses, buyers (particularly if they’re a first-time home buyer) won’t want a property full of flaws! Trust us, from major ones (e.g. structural issues with the foundation) to minor ones (e.g. broken/outdated kitchen cupboards), these issues are a major reason people struggle to sell a house fast.

That’s why it’s always worth making necessary repairs around the house before putting it up for sale. Be sensible though! There’s no point spending more on those renovations than you’ll get back when you sell it.

4. Lack of Light

Buyers love light, roomy, and airy spaces! The result?

It’s in your absolute interest to open the curtains and turn on the lights when people are looking around. Likewise, you should schedule those viewings for the afternoons on bright, sunny days! You could even repaint the walls in a lighter color to maximize the effect and declutter your home to create more actual space as well.

Remember These Home Buyer Turnoffs

Millions of people sell their properties in the US every year. But that doesn’t make it easy! You have to take sensible action and avoid classic home buyer turnoffs in order to maximize the likelihood of a swift and straightforward sale. With any luck, the suggestions in this article will help you do exactly that! Would you like more information on this all-important topic? Search ‘House’ on the website now.

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