Thursday , September 23 2021
Best Pillow for Neck Pain

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

Many influences, such as the mattress, environment, noisy sounds, and light, play a role in getting a good night’s sleep. What about your pillow? It indeed plays a significant role to aid you with good sleep and reduce neck pain. 

If your pillow isn’t up to par, you may still be flipping and twisting on your bed. We often lack proper knowledge of the effects of pillows on our health and often fail to take proper decisions. 

Here we will discuss such criteria to keep in mind while doing pillow shopping. 

Things to Consider Before Pillow Shopping 

1. Pillow Fillings 

We have various components available in the market as a pillow fill. Memory foam, down, synthetic down, polyester cover, latex, cotton, and wool are some of the fill varieties. Out of all these Memory foam is the best variant to reduce neck pain and support it. 

Besides, buckwheat is also a great choice to reduce neck pain.

2. The filling weight

Along with the variant used as a filling, its weight also plays a significant role in determining our neck condition. Here is the comparison of the most common fills available in the market. Despite being heavier fills, foam and latex shrink over time. 

As a result, to maintain a consistent weight, they must be refilled on a regular basis. It’s also crucial to choose the best pillow for one’s budget. After all, comfort, support, and durability are synonymous with quality.

3. Fabrication

Fabrication means the material or cloth which is used in making the pillow, the outer layer. Because it is a common practice that pillows are covered with a pillowcase, the fabric you choose for your pillow should be absorbent and long-lasting. Cotton, velvet, linen are some of the types of fabric available in the market. Cotton clothes are penetrating and allow air to pass through. So it is better if one uses cotton fabrics for pillows.

4. Height of the pillow

Many of us like to sleep with our heads propped up on higher pillows. It is advised that one should avoid this practice in neck pain if it is an issue for them. Higher pillows cause craniocervical pressure, which can cause neck stiffness and sprain if a person sleeps in that posture all night. So it is suggested to keep the height of the pillow minimal as per your convenience.

5. Structure of the pillow 

If people sleep on their back, a pillow with a cervical spine would be ideal. If you prefer to sleep on your side, a slightly higher pillow might be appropriate. This will aid in holding the head and neck in alignment. A Crescent-shaped pillow may also hold the head straight when transiting, allowing for a good night’s sleep even while sitting up.  One can also consult a proper medical guide to prevent neck pain. Pillows definitely contribute to reducing neck and back pain and hence you should be careful while choosing yours. The above-mentioned tips would be beneficial for you to choose your pillow wisely.

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