Phone Conversions with PPC

How To Drive Phone Conversions with PPC

An Overview on Phone Conversions with PPC

Gone are those days when phones were used to make or receive calls. We live in the era of smartphones where people prefer staying connected via the internet and IMs. There is the various voice calling and messaging apps available in the market so we have almost forgotten to use our phones for calling others. Even the marketers assumed that the best way to reach the target audience in this digital age is through the internet. But one cannot deny that phone calls do serve a great deal of purpose for the marketers. Therefore the businesses should focus on the phone as well along with using other effective mediums.

We are going to learn, now, why it is essential to focus on sales driven by phone calls?

  1. Online Inspired Marketing and Sales

Many times the marketers ignore the fact that online or digital advertising leads to store visits and phone calls by the consumers. Therefore, we can safely state that almost all digital ads can contribute to phone call sales. For example, if for every advertising online, two sales occur with the help of a phone call which means approximately 66 percent of the sales that are digitally inspired are completely overlooked by the advertisers and marketers. PPC’s success leads to the growth of online marketing campaigns.

  1. Convenience

One cannot deny that the most simple and easiest way to connect the prospects or consumers is via phone calls. It is not only convenient but efficient too at the same time. Usually, the prospects fill out the forms on the landing page and wait for a phone call from the salesperson, but it often becomes too inconvenient to type on the small mobile screen or to fill out forms. Therefore, connecting them directly using the phone calls is always a better option.

  1. Online leads Vs Phone Calls

When a consumer learns about a new product and considers buying it, chances are he would call the store and inquired about the product as he is interested to buy the product. The marketers need to understand that the information a person acquires calling the store would be much more effective than online leads. Enquiring about a product via online medium often leads to no results as the companies take quite long to respond and in some cases, they don’t respond at all which can have an adverse effect on the company and the reputation it holds in the industry.

Online marketing and offline marketing are completely different from one another. The goals are different and so are your motives and actions that you want your prospects to take. The cost of PPC advertising has gone up at a significant rate in recent years. The bidding for PPC advertising has become so competitive that small business enterprises are struggling in order to stay within their PPC budget and maintain a successful AD campaign alongside. However, if you want to increase conversations using PPC advertising, you need to take care of a few things.

Best and Effective ways that result in a significant increase in the PPC conversations

  • Why is quality essential?

In order to have a successful output, you need to take online marketing very seriously. Sticking to the traditional ways can pay off, which means you need to make sure that the quality of your content is top-notch. When the users click on a PPC advertisement, they will be directed to your page so you need to make sure that once the users visit your page, they see quality content as it would help them to rely on the information provided on your website, more.

  • How to make your website consumer-friendly?

There are various plugins that can be used in order to make sure that you are getting enough traffic for your website. Rank Tracker will help you to understand which keywords are increasing the traffic to your website so that you can formulate your content accordingly. The plugins will also help you to determine the rank of your website so that you can analyze your position in the market. But the key to making your consumers stay on your website is by providing correct and viable information such as providing product reviews, an FAQ section and descriptions of the products or services you are offering so that the blogs turn out to be consumer-oriented.

  • Payment Options

Once the consumers decide the buy a product, they are likely to look for the payment options. You can provide them with online payment options such as PayPal, Google Checkout and include all the major credit cards for their convenience.

The key to surviving the competition is by creating quality content for your website so that whenever someone clicks on the PPC ad and visits your website, they get all the necessary information required to make the purchase.

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