Top 5 WordPress Backup Plugins For Your Website

While handling your website, its security is one of the things you need to keep its mind. To secure your website data, a WordPress backup plugin is one of the best ways.

There are frequent incidents of website hacking takes place. At times you lock yourself out accidentally or your website may get deleted or corrupted due to some issues. These kinds of incidents are a total disaster. Though everyone tries to avoid such situations these kinds of incidents take place even after strengthening website security. WordPress backup plugins can help you in these kinds of situations securing your website data from getting deleted or hacked. Using these backup plugins it is easy to restore all your files instantly.

There are many such free or paid WordPress backup plugins that are very easy to use.

Irrespective of the size of your business choosing and investing the appropriate WordPress backup plugin is needed.

Whereas some plugins let you back up only your database, there is a website that lets you backup your entire website which includes both database and your website files. Using these backup plugins you can even schedule your backups according to your requirement.

Though you could backup your files only on your server earlier there is a change made in that to improve data security nowadays. Now using these backup plugins you can save your data to locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3. This makes it even more convenient for you as you can easily restore your data even if your entire website gets hacked.

Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus

With over a million active installs Updraft Plus is one of the most popular backup plugin available on the internet. Being a free software Updraft Plus is even more welcomed for the users. It also allows its users to backup the complete website and stores it in the cloud. You can also download your data on your device if you want.

At the same time, you can schedule your backup program using Updraft Plus as an on-demand backup. Using Updraft Plus you can easily store your backups on Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP or mail according to your requirement.

Just like you can easily backup each of your WordPress websites, you can also restore directly from your admin panel.

While you can have the benefits of almost all the essential features using the free version, you can also avail of the benefits of other robust features upgrading to the Updraft Plus premium.

Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy

Being introduced in 2010, Backup buddy is a trusted and most used WordPress backup plugin available in the market.

It allows you to backup your entire website from the dashboard that’s too with just a few clicks. You can also schedule your backups on a daily, weekly or monthly setting as per your convenience. It also lets you backup your website files in remote locations and ensures a speedy restoration process as well.

Using Backup Buddy you can easily backup your files on cloud services such as as- Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, and Amazon S3. They even have their cloud Stash where you can backup your files easily.

One of the biggest advantages of Backup Buddy is you don’t pay any monthly fee to use their services as their services are not subscription-based.

You can also access premium support forums, regular updates and up to 1GB free Stash cloud data to restore all your website files. At the same time, you can manage up to 10 websites using one single dashboard with there themes sync feature.

VaultPress (With JetPack)

VaultPress (With JetPack)

Introduced by Automattic, the team behind VaultPress happens to be one of the most robust and secure backup plugins for WordPress.

Though VaultPress started as an independent plugin, it is now a part of JetPack by Automattic. Hence, you will be needed to have a JetPact subscription to use VaultPress.

With VaultPress you can easily schedule an up-to-date backup of your site with daily or real-time syncing.

The higher plans on VaultPress lets you perform regular scans so that you can easily find out your potential threats and can fix them. If any virus or malware is detected during these scans, you can easily banish them with just one click.

Though you can avail vaultPress backups at lower plans as well that lets you backup for 30 days. To avail backups for an unlimited period, you’ll need to shift to higher plans.

Though this plugin has its few shortcomings still it is worth the use due to the stellar reputation odAutomattic.

BoldGrid Backup

BoldGrid Backup

Powered by BoldGrid, a website builder powered by WordPress, BoldGrid Backup is a popular automated WordPress Backup solution. Using BoldGrid, you can easily create your website backups, restore your site if it crashes, and even to move your sites while switching hosts. You can also set up automated and manual backups using BoldGrid.

Having a fault protection feature, BoldGridcreates automated backups when it takes an update. It also returns your website to its last update in case of an update failure.

BoldGrid Backup lets you store up to 10 backup archives in your dashboards whereas, you can store further backups on remote sites such as Amazon S3, FTP or SFTP.



BackWPup is a free plugin that lets you backup your complete WordPress website for free. For further use, you can store them on dropbox, RackSpace, Amazon S3, FTP or your device. Whereas, the premium version allows you to save these updates on Google Cloud and Amazon Glacier.

This plugin is extremely easy to use and lets you schedule automatic backups according to your website’s update frequency. You can also take the help of web development services for further guidance.

BackWPup also lets your restoration process easier and quicker with its robust features from its premium plan from the backend of a standalone app.


While you backup your website data always make sure that you do not store the backup in the same server as the website. These will mean you are keeping both the original and the backup at the same place making your files vulnerable. If somehow your trusted server crashes down or in the worst-case scenario, the server gets hacked you will end up losing all your data and backup won’t be able to serve its purpose at the 1st place.

So, while storing your backups use third-party services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.

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