How to Stay Productive and Healthy

How to Stay Productive and Healthy – 5 Frugal Tips for SMB-Owners

Coping with business challenges on a daily level takes its toll on entrepreneurs.

They often get carried away with their business projects and obligations and neglect their health.

Long working hours and endless sitting in front of the computer over a course of years can lead to numerous problems.

From obesity and painful back to reduced mobility and overall health deterioration, a workaholic lifestyle is a bad choice in the long run.

That’s why we’ve put together the following business-leisure tips that will help business owners lead a productive and healthy lifestyle.

1)   Schedule your daily tasks ahead

New SMB-owners often have problems with organization, especially if they’ve never managed a team or led a department.

If you want to stay organized all the time and avoid procrastination, it’s recommended to plan at the end of the workday what you’re going to do tomorrow.

Scheduling your daily tasks ahead is an efficient method for staying productive and committed to work, while still leaving enough time for leisure and hobbies.

If you still don’t have too many projects, you can use simple sticky notes and write your daily plans and tasks on them.

As your workload starts increasing, think about using to-do lists and reminder apps to make your day more productive.

2)   Accept comfortable projects

A large number of diseases and physical disorders come from stress. Due to their desire to make their businesses skyrocket as fast as possible, rookie entrepreneurs often work long hours.

Such a workstyle keeps the mind and body in constant stress. If you don’t let your body get some rest and your mind relax, you expose yourself to potential burnout.

One of the efficient ways to dodge such an outcome at the beginning of your entrepreneurial career, you shouldn’t accept all the projects that appear on your radar.

Calculate the amount of money you need to pay all your taxes, as well as the overhead expenses. Then add a monthly sum that’s enough for you to lead a modest but normal life.

Once you’ve calculated these figures, divide the number of hours you’re planning to work every day – make it 8 hours per day – and you’ll get the average hourly rate at which you should charge your services.

So, there’s no need to spend days and nights working on your projects if you plan your time and business projects in advance.

3)   Automate projects, improve operability

SMB-owners can use automation in their work to generate leads and potential clients more efficiently. This helps them reduce the amount of time they spend on specific details at work and leaves them more time for relaxation and leisure.

For starters, you can implement some useful features directly to your website to save some time and speed up the registration process.

As proposed by designers crafting solutions for a web design company from Houston, adding email registration forms to business websites can save a lot of time while generating new leads and clients.

You can choose whether you want a pop-up registration window or rather insert this form on the website.

Likewise, you can set your newsletters to be automatically sent to all the email addresses on your email list in the way you schedule them.

What’s more, you should add social media buttons to all pages on your business website and blog. If the visitors can immediately share the content they like, more of your pages and blog posts will be shared and seen by other people.

The more features you automate, the more time you’ll be able to dedicate to your business growth and your life-work balance.

4)   Perform tasks on the go

Working in the office is becoming outdated. Even before the pandemic, more and more entrepreneurs and workers started working remotely.

Thanks to the growth of technology, employees from different niches are able to perform their work tasks that way.

If you add mobility to your workday, you’ll reduce the number of hours you spend sitting in the office.

Since we know that sitting eight hours a day is extremely bad for our health, it would be nice to split your day into two parts. For instance, you could work from home from 8 to 12 am and then take a break. During this break, you can go jogging or even spend some time at the gym.

After that, you can continue working from 1 to 5 pm. If you don’t have a family, the middle-of-the-day break can be even longer, and you can spend some more me-time.

The point is that flexible work hours and places open numerous options for business owners and their workers. Another option is to spend some time in a different, healthier climate and work from there.

The more variations you make, the more novelties you can introduce to your life and improve your overall health conditions.

To top it all off, your productivity will probably keep growing as you embrace this dynamic style of working.

5)   Work out every single day

Physiatrists, cardiologists, and orthopedists constantly highlight how important it is for adult people to work out.

There are numerous ways in which you can keep your body in good shape. What’s important to stress out is that this doesn’t mean that you need to go to the gym every day.

On the contrary, middle-aged people should spend more time walking or speed walking, as well as riding a bike or hiking.

If you’re in good general condition, you can go swimming or running, as well.

Also, performing a regular stretching routine is more than beneficial for people who work a lot.

If you automate some of your obligations, as suggested above, and improve your planning, you’ll have enough time to do any of these activities every single day. Staying healthy and productive as an SMB-owners may sound difficult, but it’s quite easy. You need to be focused on your job while you’re working and complete your tasks on time. It will also take some planning and adjustments in terms of your habits to improve the organizational aspect of your life. Once you’ve settled that, you’ll be able to have proper meals and do exercise every day. In the long shot, you’ll become one of those productive and satisfied entrepreneurs who always do their business tasks on time and stay in good shape.

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