Wednesday , September 29 2021

HUAWEI Recommends Tips for Choosing the Best Earphones

Answer every problem during work from home. How to choose to be satisfied?

I believe that during this period, many people may have to spend most of their time at home. But
instead of immersing yourself in the same atmosphere, today we have a quick and easy tip for choosing
the perfect TWS headphones that will meet the needs of your work-from-home life and brighten up the
colors of your boring stay at home at the same time to deposit Perhaps we may discover a new
atmosphere of work or find a new favorite corner of the house that we are familiar with every day.
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Focus on your work with Active Noise Cancellation technology

Even at home, it’s not always a quiet atmosphere suitable for work. Some people live with many family
members. Or some people are alone. But was hit by unwanted noise from the surrounding environment,
often disturbing concentration will turn on loud music through the speakers, cannot completely drown
out the chaos This is where TWS headphones may answer the question for us to dive into the work in
front of us especially in-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) ambient noise-canceling
feature, which will only turn on ANC mode for a quiet atmosphere full of meditation Or you can choose
to turn on the ANC mode along with listening to music. Let the ears listen to the joy of music At the
same time, his eyes were focused on the task in front of him without worrying about having the voices
of aunts and uncles or the sound of a car The sound of any machinery intervenes and distracts even for a

The microphone must sound good and it has intelligent noise cancellation technology

  • Even at home and married, we have to go on. One of the inevitable aspects of Working from Home is online meetings. Of course, we wouldn’t want the fan noise. The sound from the television is left by other family members. Or the sounds of the environment around us slipped into the microphone during meetings with bosses or customers to embarrass each other.
  • That’s why we should look for TWS headphones with noise-canceling technology using dual microphones. The beam forming technology is inserted and uses the AI Noise Reduction algorithm to accurately distinguish outside noise. It should also be able to effectively reduce noise from wind that hits the microphone to make our meetings run smoothly. Clear sound from both the beginning and the end do not accidentally leave the lampshade for the boss to ask if “Who turns on the fan?”
  • Additionally, wireless headphones should be connected via Bluetooth 5.2 to ensure a stable connection. The signal doesn’t come off midway.
  • The battery must be “endurable, durable,” able to talk at work, tired, and listen to music for a long time, Even when working at home. But don’t forget to take a break. Find TWS headphones that are convenient, stable, and have a durable battery. It is therefore an important factor to enhance the perfect headphone experience.
  • Because in addition to being able to talk at work without interruption when you feel tired Want to lay down on the soft sofa and sip a cold drink if you have good sound TWS headphones with you? You will be able to enjoy immersing yourself in a world of crystal clear music from your favorite songs that we’re really into. Maybe finding a book to relax and playing music that matches the mood of that book will help. Add flavor and aesthetics to your vacation.
  • Or will play a long shooting game with friends in the guild after work. I can play as fully as I want. Therefore, we should choose TWS headphones that can be used continuously for 10 hours are considered good. (Not including use with the charging case) and most importantly, it should support fast charging. In case of an emergency, the battery can be recharged for a short period of 10 minutes so that it can continue to use for a while, about 4 hours.
  • In fact, the main usability features of TWS headphones are clear and clear sound noise cancellation Or battery life is not something that is rare at all. Just to find a model TWS headphones that have all these features at a great price that anyone can own won’t be easy.
  • It’s easy to own the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i today, headphones that come with crystal clear sound quality with 10mm dynamic drivers, deep bass. Tune in to the sound of pop music that is particularly popular. In addition, Active Noise Cancellation technology in the headphones is also able to cut out background noise flawlessly.
  • Using dual microphones equipped with Beam forming technology, which works with the AI Noise Reduction algorithm, allows for more accurate sound separation and noise cancellation.
  • It’s also designed to effectively reduce wind noise that hits the microphone. And there is also an awareness model (Awareness) that will allow you to hear your surroundings without having to take the headphones out. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i also comes with long battery life. The earbuds have a 55 MAH battery, coupled with an additional 215 MAH battery in the charging case, providing up to 10 hours of listening time with ANC.

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